What Size are Daybeds?

Daybed sizes can seem confusing at first, especially if you’re trying to buy a mattress or bedding for your daybed. Perhaps you just need to know where it will fit in your home or if you’ll be comfortable enough sleeping on it.  In this article, we’ll explore all these questions and more.

What size are daybeds? Most daybeds come in standard bed sizes like narrow twin, twin, full and even queen, and will fit their corresponding mattress sizes perfectly. There are some unique exceptions but they will come with their own mattress included.

Let’s look at the most popular daybed sizes as well as some of the less common designer daybed sizes. (When you’re done, also check out our best daybeds review)

Standard Daybed Size

As mentioned before, most daybeds are measured in standard bed sizes.

  • Narrow Twin 30″ x 75″
  • Twin 39″ x 75″
  • Twin xl 39″ x 80″ (Very rare)
  • Full 54″ x 75″ (Uncommon)
  • Queen 60″ x 80″ (Uncommon)

Daybeds are named by the size of the mattress they take.

This makes it easier for you to buy the right size mattress but it doesn’t give you the whole picture

Important Note!

The measurements (in the title of the daybed) don’t include the size of the frame. For that, you’ll need to check the full dimensions of the assembled product.

As a rule of thumb, you should add about 3 inches for the frame as well as the arms- and backrest.

For example:

A twin daybed with a mattress size of 39 x 75 inches will actually be around 42 x 78 inches fully assembled.


Bear this in mind when trying to squeeze your daybed into tight spaces!

Most Popular Daybed Size

By far the most popular daybed size is the “twin daybed”. It takes exactly the same size mattress as a twin bed (39″ x 75″).

Our favorite daybed, the DHP comes in TWIN, FULL, and QUEEN sizes!

Twin Daybeds are the most popular because they’re great for both sitting and sleeping on.

The next most popular option is the Narrow Twin. This is because they make great benches since your legs can easily fit on the narrower 30-inch wide mattress while still being a viable option for kids or small adults to sleep on occasionally.

*Full and Queen size daybeds are significantly less popular than twins and narrow twins.

What Size Mattress Goes on a Daybed

As mentioned, the correct mattress size for a daybed depends on the daybed size. They are sized by the size of the mattress they fit.

So, if you’re buying a “narrow twin” or even a “queen” size daybed, you’ll need to get the corresponding mattress size.

Once you’ve determined the correct size, it’ll also be up to you to choose your mattress height. (An 8-inch memory foam mattress should be a great option for most twin daybeds.)

We have created a list of WellWorthLiving’s favorite memory foam daybed mattresses here as well as a handy guide to choosing the correct height for your mattress here.

Unique Daybed Sizes

As with anything, there are exceptions.

These are usually designer daybeds with unique dimensions and include their own ornate mattresses. For the most part, they’ll closely resemble a narrow twin, twin or twin xl size but can vary wildly depending on the design.


They look amazing but bear in mind, replacement mattresses could be impossible to find.

How to Choose the Right Daybed Size

We now know that daybeds come in 5 of the standard bed sizes.


If you’re still undecided between which size of daybed to buy, here are some handy notes in each one:

1. Narrow Twin

This is great for narrow rooms where you need a daybed mostly for sitting on.


Seeing as it’s only 30 inches wide (compared to the 39 inches of a regular twin) they take up 9 fewer inches of space (width-wise). This means they can fit in passages and corridors more easily than a  regular twin.

You also sit more comfortably since the average human thigh is only around 19 inches. (source) With some extra cushions to take up the rest of the space, that’s a pretty comfortable seat length.

You do however pay the price in “sleep” mode…

Sure you can stretch out and even have an afternoon nap on a narrow twin but you won’t be able to sleep on it regularly and most guests will find it a bit too narrow and uncomfortable to sleep on.

2. Twin

Most people find a twin daybed to be the perfect fit. It’s great for sitting/lounging on and great for sleeping.

It will also be the easiest size to buy a mattress for as “twin” is the most common (and usually most affordable) size.

It is big enough to serve as a centerpiece in a living room and can be decorated similarly to a living room couch.

Guests will love it the size. If you have more than one guest, a trundle is a great add-on.

It’s also the perfect size for outdoor reading or naps if you want to move your daybed to the patio.

3. Twin XL

At 80 by 39 inches, a Twin xl is the same width but a whole 5 inches longer than a regular twin. This is a very rare daybed size and you won’t find it easily.


If you’re a pretty tall (70 inches or 6 feet +) sleeping on a twin xl will be much more comfortable.

It will look a lot like a normal daybed and can be styled exactly the same with side tables and throw pillows, etc.

As this is a somewhat unique size, you might have a slightly narrower selection of mattresses to choose from though.

A regular twin trundle might look a little out of sorts under a twin xl daybed.

4. Full

A full daybed is the same length as a regular twin (75 inches) but adds 15 inches to the width.


Personally, I don’t think this makes it easier for two people to sleep on. That extra 15 inches just isn’t enough for two average-sized people to sleep comfortably.

This is for someone who wants to stretch out and lounge around on something bigger than a twin but doesn’t intend for two people to sleep on it regularly.

Perhaps it’s for a patio or maybe a sunroom lounger!

5. Queen

A queen daybed is huge. Make no mistake… it will look like you’ve placed a queen bed in the middle of your living room! It’s effectively like a Punee.


Styling it is also much harder because of its size. You’ll need a lot of throws and cushions to make it make sense, visually.

This is for someone who knows they’ll have a lot of couples guests sleeping over or if you absolutely need an extra bedroom in your home but don’t have one.

Either way, besides the daybed, your mattress and linen will also be much more expensive so you’ll need to be sure before buying a queen.

Daybed Trundle Sizes

One more thing to consider is the trundle size.

If it’s a twin daybed, it normally has a twin trundle. However, if it’s a full-size daybed, the trundle can be a twin or larger.

The trundle is slightly smaller than a daybed frame so that it can slide in under the daybed but it will fit the standard corresponding mattress perfectly.

Here’s a list of our favorite trundle bed mattresses.

You might choose a lower mattress for your trundle bed than your daybed so that it can fit comfortably under the daybed. even when made up.

On the other hand, if it’s a pop-up trundle, (a trundle which elevates to the height of the daybed essentially creating two twin beds die by side) you may want to get the exact same mattress so that the combined sleeping surface is the same exact height.


We’ve established that the most common daybed size is a twin. That’s why a regular twin mattress will fit perfectly on a daybed. It was designed specifically for it.

You can read up more on whether a daybed is the same size as a twin bed on another article we wrote here.