What is a Daybed Used For?

With the myriad of multifunctional beds and couches available today, you might be wondering: “What’s the point of a daybed?” To truly understand the purpose of a daybed, we’ll need to do more than dig into its functionality and design.

What is a daybed used for? The Purpose of a daybed is a comfortable seating area by day and a functional guest bed or sleeping cot at night. It’s the perfect dual-purpose furniture item for smaller living spaces or anywhere extra sleeping space is needed.

Daybeds are also a striking piece of furniture in any home and can be decorated in incredible ways to perfectly blend in or impress on a room’s ambiance. (See our best daybeds for adults here)

Let’s look into why they exist and their intended purpose… It combines two very necessary pieces of furniture into one functional one that takes up less space. Beyond that, you can also add a trundle under the daybed for even more sleeping options.

Accommodating sleepover guests becomes a breeze as it effectively adds a bedroom to your home. This is especially true for daybeds that are double-sized. (the equivalent of a double bed) or when you incorporate a pop-up trundle.

What’s the Point of a Daybed?

Since the 16th century, a daybed has had 2 primary uses… sitting and sleeping. (source)

But it goes much deeper than that!

I believe that a daybed is a statement. It says to guests, family members, and even pets, that THIS is where you are welcome!

Because of its delicately undefined purpose, it welcomes anyone who uses it to do whatever they want on it. You certainly don’t have to “sit up straight” or “keep your feet off the couch”. In fact, a daybed urges you to flop and flail as much as you need to find the absolute perfect position of comfort.


Want to try out some boho chic throw blankets? Go for it. What about sprucing it up with florals or elegant pastels? Anything goes. It becomes the canvas that you, the artists can use to create a new masterpiece every time you feel like it.

It’s an open invitation to anyone who doesn’t know what they feel like doing for the next few hours. Some Sunday reading? How about an afternoon nap with the windows open and curtains swaying in the breeze. Maybe it’s just a place for friends to crash after a long night of wine and laughter.

It may be my humble opinion… but I think that the real point of a daybed is to make anyone feel comfortable being just where they want to be, at any time of day or night.


How to Get the Best Use out of a Daybed

Get the right mattress. A daybed mattress is often overlooked as a simple accessory to the daybed. This is a big mistake. By carefully choosing an affordable, yet high-quality daybed mattress that works well for sitting and for sleeping on, you’ll get the most of out of your daybed. Check out WellWorthLiving’s top choices here.

Place it in a common living space. By placing the daybed where it will be used most often by guests or family members, you’ll ensure that it serves its intended purpose. A comfortable and practical daybed shouldn’t be hidden away in a corridor or a side-room where no-one will ever sit on it and sleeping on it feels awkward and uncomfortable.

Makes sure it’s sturdy. You’ll quickly dread sitting (or sleeping) on a daybed that feels like it’s going to fall apart under you. Check the manufacturer’s weight limits and make sure to get a daybed that can handle at least 350 pounds. More if possible. The stronger your daybed is, the longer it will last and the more comfortable it will be to use. (The DHP Manila Daybed is our favorite on Amazon. It can hold up to 400 pounds and comes with a trundle bed.)

Make sure it’s quiet. Another common problem people experience with daybeds is that they begin to creak. This is because they are often used twice as much as any bed or couch. By choosing a daybed that has tons of positive reviews, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting one that will not leave guests sleeping on a squeaky-creaky. If it’s a metal frame, you can add a few drops of oil to the joints (watch out for oil touching linen) or if it’s a wooden frame, you can tighten the bolts if needed to get rid of any sounds when moving around.

Decorate it tastefully. It’s a centerpiece after all. By decorating the daybed to emphasize the room’s decor, you make it a prominent feature in the overall design. This can be done by adding colorful cushions, throws or even side tables. Don’t neglect the daybed’s design like you would a couch or a bed. It needs to be made to “fit” in the space. If done right, it will truly feel like it belongs. Here are some extra decorating tips to turn a bed into a daybed.


Picking the Right Daybed for YOUR Needs

So, we’ve established that besides sitting and sleeping or lounging about on a lazy afternoon, a daybed can effectively be used for whatever you need it to be.

But to help you get the best use out of your daybed, it will help if you take a little time to think about how you’ll be using the daybed in your home…

Let’s look into some motivations for getting a daybed.

As an Extra Sleeper for Guests

If you’re getting it as an extra sleeper for guests, you have to make sure that you’re also getting a good mattress. It will make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a great one. Surprisingly, a daybed mattress isn’t too expensive. Memory foam does well to sit and sleep on but make sure it has at least 8 inches for good sleeping comfort.

The frame must be strong enough to hold the weight of any guests and some. Remember to get a daybed that includes a trundle for extra sleeping space.


As a Living Room Centerpiece for Everyday Use

A daybed can be used every day but you’ll need to make sure that it’s tough enough to handle the use. Daybeds are more than decoration. They are functional everyday furniture items too, so make sure you’re buying a daybed with loads of positive reviews on Amazon and one that is made specifically for handling the weight of adults. Our Best Daybed for Adults review will help you find a good option.

Durability and construction are key for regular use as a TV couch. You can always make it more comfortable for sitting with extra cushions and pillows but you can’t make a weak daybed stronger without rebuilding or reinforcing the frame.

As a Relaxing Lounger

Here, there are no rules! You can be as creative as heart desires. Let the daybed be a freedom of your expression as you add and subtract to your heart’s content.


This is your “safe space” where nothing can go wrong.  A haven for your thoughts and your dreams as you drift between sleep and awake on the lazy days where time seems to stand still. If you want to disappear into a novel or listen to music that touches your soul… this is where it happens. Comfortable cushions and a good mattress count, but self-expression is paramount.

In Conclusion

A daybed can be used for the most obvious things like sitting or lounging as well as a great way to accommodate guests, but the real value lies in the way it speaks to people and invites them to just be themselves, without any pretense or preconceived ideas of what they can or should do on a daybed. It’s warm and welcoming, and it feels like home.