Twin Bedroom Ideas for Adults

Perhaps you’re creating a twin guest bedroom from heaven for your guests to enjoy or maybe you just want to ensure an uninterrupted night’s rest for both you and your partner. Twin beds also open up a number of creative bedroom layouts,  depending on the size of your bedroom.

If you are on the lookout for some amazing twin bedroom ideas for adults, without the clinical feel of a stale motel room, then read on. Whether you plan to use it for yourself and a partner or as a guest room, our selection of style ideas will create a retreat that’s comfy and welcoming. When you’re done, check out our review article on the best twin mattress for adults too!

Twin Guest Bedroom Ideas & Main Bedroom Inspiration

The following designs should get your creative juices flowing whether you’re re-designing a guest bedroom or are looking for a beautifully styled twin bedroom for you and your partner.

Utilize Smaller Spaces

small twin bedroom

Small rooms that need to accommodate more that one person feel cramped if a double bed is squeezed into a corner. Dividing a large sleeping area by using two twin beds against the outer walls, allows easy access between the beds. An accent wall behind the twin beds acts as an attractive focal point. Paneling, wallpaper or a bold paint color can all work perfectly to complement the decor and finish of a room.

Oddly Shaped Rooms


Rooms that have an off-centered window or a space too tight for a double bed, benefit from the side by side positioning of two twin beds. Turn an awkward corner into a cozy nook and reintroduce symmetry with matching bed covers divided by a neat table between the two.

Dead Space Becomes Head Space


A benefit of converting an attic into a bedroom is you can position the beds so that they maximize the space and use of the area. Where the pitch of the roof limits standing room, place the twin beds below the angled ceiling. Sleigh beds are dramatic and bold pieces of furniture. Two side by side have double the impact.

Country Chic Style


Quaint country style is one of the easiest ways to create instant warmth in a room. Pare a metal framed bed with a wooden side table. Add traditional country plaid or crisp sheets and finally, charming, rustic accessories to complement the theme. Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and make the area look more spacey.

Oversized Shared Headboard


Add a dash of drama by going king-size with your headboard. It’s an impressive backdrop for your twin beds. Lights can be suspended from the ceiling, wall mounted or placed on the shared dresser. Headboards add softness and comfort when reading in bed. A statement headboard is a bold design element that adds to the overall wow factor of a main bedroom.

Classic Chic


This look says high-end hotel, you can’t help but feel like royalty surrounded by these polished finishes. Tall headboards make an impressive backing to the twin beds. Instead of sharing a small side table, a large dresser helps amplify the feeling of abundance. The individual footstools at the base of the bed are an extra touch of luxury, comfort and convenience.

Roomy Attics and Lofts


Attic space is no longer for storage, it’s the ideal spot to convert into a secret sleep escape. Twin beds placed up against the side walls leave the center areas free to walk without bumping heads on the pitched roof. A small window lets in just enough light to highlight the simple furnishings.

Go Head to Head


If you are working with a long room which serves as a guest room and possibly a playroom where you don’t want to lose floor space, you have the option of changing things up a bit. Position beds against a wall or below a window instead. This way you optimize the space. Another clever use of space is storage under the twin beds. This can be used for storing extra linen and blankets or if guests are staying a while, it’s a place for them to pack their personal items and keep the space neat.

Minimalistic Look


Clean lines and uncluttered walls can be just as effective when designing a polished layout for a twin bedroom for grownups. Instead of two bedside tables, one can be shared between the beds. To save space, lights can be wall mounted. Again, decor symmetry is key in maintaining a flow.

Monochrome Color Schemes


Along with minimalist styling, monochromatic color schemes create calm and are fuss-free. Instead of color, utilize texture and varied furniture finishes. Wood, steel and leather add interest and coziness. A gallery wall is another awesome way to add interest to the space while adding your own personal signature to the bedroom decor.

Bright Bursts of Color


In a cleanly styled bedroom setting, you can add a burst of color to furniture, throw cushions or by adding flowers to the shared bedside table. This introduces interest and helps an otherwise plain room, spring to life. A small splurge on an eye-catching centerpiece goes a long way to give a room that polished look.

Nautical Style


Dreaming of the ocean? Classic beach tones, a hint of navy blue and matching accent pillows, will create a timeless coastal look. White walls and paneling complement the overall feel. Add a few beach accessories, you’ll have created an atmosphere where beach dreams are ready to be made.

Dorm Room Inspiration


Need a room that sleeps couples, kids and more, then this funky and flexible look may be perfect for you. There’s nothing boring about these fun suspended twin beds. Create flow with matching sheets and scatter cushions. The minimalist styling and simple furniture pieces are also conveniently light on the pocket.