How to Turn a Regular Bed Into a Daybed

Want to convert a normal bed into a daybed? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll look at the many different ways you can take a regular single, double or even full bed and remodel it into a practical daybed which can be used for comfortable seating as well as sleeping.

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1. Add Side Tables


One of the major differences between a daybed and a regular bed is that a daybed usually has armrests. Armrests offer the practical benefit of making the daybed more comfortable to sit on but more importantly, also visually confirms to any passerby that this is actually a seating area too.

Starting with a twin bed with no head or footrest, a simple hack would be to add side-tables on each side which are raised to around armrest height. The will serve to “frame” the bed as a daybed without you having to do any altering to the bed.

2. Add a DIY Backrest


Another way to adapt the frame is to add a wide backrest behind the side of the bed. Visually this “turns” the bed sideways and into a daybed. The backrest could be as simple as a wooden door

A standard door is 80 inches tall which, when placed on its side, is only 5 inches wider than the 75 inch twin sized bed. You could easily place an old door behind the bed to create a low visual backrest.

3. How To Make A Daybed Comfortable For Sitting


A daybed mattress also has some differences. On a normal bed, you could have a spring coil mattress but in the case of a daybed, springs are probably a mistake. Since the weight of the seated person is concentrated on one spot, springs will most likely start to protrude over time resulting in an uncomfortable seat. If there was one thing you wanted to spend money on, make it the mattress. Check out our Best Twin Mattress for Daybed review.

If you wanted to save just a little more money, you could simply add a mattress topper to your existing spring coil mattress for extra comfort, but over time, you’ll find it won’t work quite as well.

4. How to Decorate a Daybed


Large pillows are the key to the transformation. Since there’s no real padded backrest, you need oodles of puffy pillows to help make it comfortable. You’ll need at least two or three medium sized pillows with complimenting colors. The larger they are, the more you can “sink in” when you relax on your new daybed.

The can easily be adjusted to your position, whether you’re seated or sliding down into a lounging pose.

5. Include Throw Blankets


You won’t be “making the bed” every time someone has sat on it, so traditional sheets and blankets won’t work as well. What you need is easy to move throw blankets which can be pulled straight with ease when necessary.

Various textures and patterns mixed together will add the final touch of style to your daybed and make it one of the most inviting places in the entire home.

More Ideas

Instead of buying a daybed frame, you can create your own masterpiece.

Here’s a video with a few extra tips you can exploit to truly transform your twin bed into a sofa/daybed.