Trundle Daybed Style Ideas

Trundle Daybeds are the ultimate versatile bedding, seating and storage solution. A combination between a couch and a bed, this multipurpose piece of furniture is unquestionably practical, plus, it’s beautiful as a centerpiece in any room.

Assuming you’ve already chosen your Trundle Daybed we’ve put together some stunning, yet basic ideas that are simple and affordable to recreate.

These clever tips will turn your room into an inviting space you or your guests will love to retreat to…

1. Mix & Match Colors

If you are looking for a more structured, contemporary look, carry through with a base tone in the larger pillows and use accents for the scatter cushions. The colors you choose should tie in with other elements in the room, like lamps, curtains or wallpaper to create a flow.

Mixing print designs and colors are very popular at the moment if you are looking to create an eclectic, Boho style that is timeless and welcoming.

2. Incorporate Textures

The combination of different textures, patterns and colors brings life into any room, regardless of its size.  Try faux fur, cotton, wool, silk or sequins, they not only add interest, but they also look amazing and make a space feel warm and inviting.

3. Combine Big and Small Pillows

Big and small, use them all.  Add a dash of luxury by considering the inner plushness of your pillows. Use firmer cushions for back support and softer ones to cuddle between.

If you like the look of a bolster cushion, a long bolster across the back makes a bold, yet sophisticated statement and adds more structure than loose cushions. Dressing and undressing your trundle bed also becomes so much easier. One larger cushion is simple to add and remove compared to lots of loose pillows.

4. Add a Throw Blanket

For both a more structured or relaxed look, always have a throw handy. The color and texture rules can be applied when picking out the perfect fit. To capture a more “hotel” look, wrap the throw around the mattress and tuck in the ends.

For a more relaxed feel, fold it lengthways and drape it loosely over one of the ends of your trundle bed. A soft throw is one of the most welcome accessories when chill time turns to nap time.

5. Light Up the Area for Both Day & Night

Natural light creates a fresh and airy environment so where possible, have drapes and blinds that let in the maximum amount of light during the day. If you get good sunlight in the room, then a pot plant is a great way to add life and bring the outdoors in.

When it gets dark out, a dimmer gives you the option to adjust the lighting to fit the mood. For bedtime, softer lighting is preferable, but if you plan to study or read, brighter lighting will work best.

A lamp on a side table can also add to the atmosphere and complement the styling of the room.

6. Use a Mirror to Create the Illusion of Space

A mirror is an ideal backdrop for a daybed in a guest room or living area. It not only adds light to a space, it also gives the illusion of more space.

7. A Plush Carpet Completes the Look

A plush carpet at the foot of a trundle bed creates structure for the area. Like with your cushions, you can play with colors and textures to complement the room.

Depending on how plush your carpet is, you may need to roll it aside when using the trundle.

8. Use the Trundle Drawer for Extra Storage

The trundle not only serves as storage for an extra bed, but can also be used to keep extra bedding and blankets out of sight. When it’s time to set up for a house guest, everything you need is conveniently within reach.

Risers also come in really handy if you want to add a little more storage space below your bed or daybed. By adding a little extra clearance between the floor and bed, you gain a little extra breathing space for your trundle bed and anything that needs to be tucked away.

9. Add a Side Table

If your trundle bed doubles up as a sofa or reading and study area, then a bedside table or coffee table nearby will come in very handy as a place to put your books or cup of tea. By making the area more functional, you will find yourself gravitating to it for its convenience.

10. Hide an Open Trundle with a Bed Skirt

If your trundle bed does not have a drawer and is open at the bottom, a bed skirt with split corners can help you tuck away any untidy items. Bed skirts come in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from 14 to 18 inch drops. Box or pleated bed skirts create a cleaner and more structured look.

Enjoy your Trundle Haven!

Last tip before we let you get started. A Trundle bed is almost limitless in the possibilities and functions it offers. It’s a genius piece of furniture to build your room around.

Always keep the area neat, this way, you will keep returning to it. If your Trundle bed is primarily used as a bed, make it up in the morning so you look forward to bedtime. If it’s your chill spot, pack away books and puff up pillows when you’re done, that way its fresh and ready for your next R&R session.