Best Trundle Bed Mattress 2023

If you need the best mattress for your trundle bed, then look no further. We’ve looked at key considerations like size and comfort.

Trundle Mattress Size: The most common mattress size for trundle beds is a 75″ x 39″  twin mattress although in some rare cases you may need a 75″ x 30″ narrow twin.

For mattress thickness you’ll need to carefully consider the amount of space between the trundle bed and the main bed. There’s usually only enough room for about a 8″ thickness. It should easily stow under the main bed and possibly even allow some room for a blanket and pillow.

(8-inch thickness is perfectly fine for the occasional guest sleepover and more than enough for kids.)

Type of Mattress: There are pros and cons to both foam and spring construction. The foam will last longer but costs a little more and might feel too firm for some. Spring designs tend to be softer and bouncier but won’t survive excessive toddler acrobatics or uncle Jo’s 300-pound frame.

We have selected the best twin-sized designs and have done all the homework to ensure you pick from the best products available. Our selection is based on the best overall quality, comfort, and value for money.

Top Rated Trundle Bed Mattresses

1. Zinus Green Tea Mattress – OUR WINNER!

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Our first pick is the 8 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Trundle Mattress. It’s very comfortable while being affordable enough to serve as a trundle mattress for house guests and sleep-overs.

The Memory Foam construction offers firmer support compared to a spring structure, but have the added benefit of conforming to the natural shape of your body. This comfy design is composed of 1-inch BioFoam followed by Zinus comfort foam and a high-density base support foam.

The BioFoam has Green Tea extract and Castor Seed Oil which naturally prevents odors and bacteria build-up. Great for trundles that are sometimes stowed away for long periods.

Memory foam is generally more expensive, but in this case, The mattress incredibly well priced and durable enough to last.

The product is compressed and rolled into a box for convenient delivery. Once it arrives, it simply needs to be removed from its packaging within 72 hours and it will return to its original form within 2 days. The manufacturer also includes an impressive 10-year warranty with this product.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Medium Firmness
  • Very Well Priced

2. Signature Sleep Memory Foam – 8″

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We consider the 8 Inch Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress a great alternative option! It’s still a little pricy, but you can feel the upgrade… especially if you’re over 160 lbs and prefer a softer mattress.

The trickiest part of choosing a twin mattress for a trundle bed is considering the balance between price and comfort. Since you’re not using it so often, it would be a waste to get an overpriced mattress, but you still want it to be good, right?

That’s why we consider the Signature Sleep mattress the second-best option. It has a softer sleeping surface with good structural support to minimize concave areas.

With dual-layer, pressure-relieving foam, if you want your adult sleepover guests to enjoy a great night of comfort, you can’t go wrong here.

Pay close attention to your trundle height as some trundles will not accommodate up to 8 inches in height.


  • Balanced support for both sitting and sleeping
  • Firm, sturdy base foam support
  • Comfortable upper layer cushioning
  • Excellent for lounging and sleepovers
  • Also available in charcoal infused foam for moisture control

3. Modway Aveline Firm Mattress – 8″

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The Modway Aveline is a more affordable model that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort. The layered foam construction is gel-infused to keep cooler on warm nights while the diamond stretch knit top ensure proper ventilation of the entire mattress.

Take note, this is a firm mattress!

It’s surprisingly durable for the price and even after six months of regular use (even for a large sleeper), there was very little deformation and the mattress felt as firm as the day it was bought. This is one of the most important factors to consider if you experience any back pain while sleeping.

There’s a very slight odor when unpacking but this fades completely by about 1 day.


  • Good Durability
  • Well priced

4. Zinus Ultima Mattress – 8″

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The Zinus Ultima Mattress is another winning choice. It has very similar quality and comfort as the Zinus Green Tea but for a lower price since it excludes the BioFoam technology.

Make sure that 8 inches will fit, if not, consider the 6 inch model. On a trundle, a thinner mattress allows clearance between the top of the mattress and the base of the bed when stowed away. When used for a top bunk, it doesn’t create too much height, so guardrails are higher and provide more protection.

It will return to its original shape in 48 hours after opening. Both Zinus models come with a 10-year warranty.


  • Affordable Value
  • Medium Comfort
  • No-fuss Design

Buying Advice

Before we dive in, remember to also see our best trundle beds article!

Which Type Should I Choose

First things first… memory foam or coil spring. Coil spring is generally cheaper but, over time, you’ll begin to notice wear on the springs. Especially if you have kids playing on it.

For this reason, we’d suggest spending a little more and choosing memory foam. There are one or two things to consider with memory foam…

Is Memory Foam Hot?

Foam has a reputation of being warmer. This is generally due to less breathability in lesser quality foam products. In the case of this design, its breathable foam allows adequate airflow. Should you sleep hot, a pad, or lighter sheets will help increase ventilation and make sleeping a lot cooler.

Does Foam Lose its Shape?

All foam mattresses will “divot” slightly over time and with excessive use. The Zinus however, has minimized this by adding a large layer of supporting foam which makes the problem almost entirely unnoticeable.

Manufacturers also recommend rotating the mattress 180 degrees every 3 months or so to ensure some areas are not over-compressed. Regardless, it will have many years of comfortable, squeak-free sleep in it.

What’s the Right Height

As mentioned before, you need to make sure that your mattress height fits in under the trundle bed. The limit is usually around 8 inches, especially if you want to keep a comforter made up on the trundle bed.

Another huge consideration is when you have a pop-up trundle frame. The kind that raises up to “meet” the bed side-by-side. For this, you’ll want to make sure that the two mattresses are the same height so that they form an even surface when placed next to each other as a double bed.

Some Extra Tips

  1. For trundle, bunks or sofa-beds, you don’t need a box spring. Congratulation, you just saved around $100.
  2. If you order online, you don’t need to negotiate prices. You’re not paying for store rental so you get a competitive price.
  3. For the main sleeping area, you can opt for a slightly thicker option, as it gets more regular use, and you don’t need to worry about it not fitting.
  4. For a pop-up trundle, get the same mattress thickness as the main sleeping area. If the truckle is flush with the base of the bed, you have the luxury of converting it into a King-sized sleeping area for your guests.
  5. Air it out before making it up. As it comes wrapped in plastic, this helps to get rid of the packaging smell.
  6. Invest in a waterproof protector. This will prolong the life of your bed and guard it against spills and stains.
  7. Rotate it 180 degrees every few months to avoid wear in some areas.
  8. A good base prevents sagging. If you are placing your mattress on slats that are spaced too far apart, have a board cut and place it between the slat supports and the mattress.
  9. No jumping on the bed. It is designed to carry a weight that is evenly distributed. Excessive pressure in one spot can result in damage.
  10. Clean your covers and sheets regularly to avoid dust mites or bed bugs, especially if you have pets.