The Perfect Home Alone Day for Moms

Between making sure the kids are dressed and ready to go, it’s pretty fair to say that you deserve a little bit of “me time.” The problem is when we do steal a little time for ourselves, we’re sometimes so overwhelmed with guilt that we don’t enjoy it anyway. As moms, we’ve trained ourselves not be neglectful of anything or anyone in our home. If we did drop the ball, who’s gonna pick it up? Well it’ll most likely be you anyway, so don’t drop it in the first place, right?!


Here’s the thing… WE DO DESERVE SOME TIME OFF. In fact, we become better parents because of it. It’s completely natural to want a little bit of space, no matter how much you love your children. A day alone at home, once in a while, is exactly the recharge you need to be back on mommy-point when the mania recommences.

Here are ten fantastic activities that are perfect for moms that want a peaceful day home alone.

Cuddle Up with a Good Book


A good book, as they say, is an adventure in one sitting. Travel to exotic places around the world, fall in love, try new things all without leaving the comfort of your own home. There is ample research that suggests avid readers have higher levels of intelligence and larger vocabularies, so picking up a book every now and then definitely has its perks. Take a quick visit to the bookstore to pick something up, or you can find something to read from a wide selection offered on reading devices such as Kindle or Kobo.

Catch Up on Your Favorite TV Show

Another perfect activity for a perfect day home alone is simply curling up on the couch with a fluffy blanket, grab some delicious snacks, and binge watch as many episodes of your favorite TV show as you can. If you’re a bit of a busybody, consider letting episodes run in the background as you go about your other tasks. It’s still a great way to learn the latest shenanigans of all our favorite characters, and it’s honestly better than having to work in silence.

Stay-At-Home Spa Day


Treat yourself, you deserve it. Draw yourself a nice warm bath with bath bombs, bath salts, or the old classic bubbles. Give yourself an at-home facial mask made simply of organic honey. Allow the honey to dry for ten to twenty minutes before gently washing it off. Consider making yourself a simple exfoliating scrub made from sugar and olive oil. It’s a great way to give your skin a bit of a reprieve. Paint your finger and toenails to the beat of your favorite music. Stay-at-home spas days are really cheap and a super laid-back activity. And if you’d rather not do it alone, you can always call a girlfriend over to spend the day with you!

Mommy Nap Time


Let’s face it. There is nothing better than being able to catch a few more Z’s. This is your day off, so no one will judge you if you choose to sleep a few additional hours away. Studies have shown that napping is an excellent way to help boost your immune system, as it allows your body to rest and replenish itself. Grab as many fluffy pillows and blankets as you’d like, slip into your favorite pair of pajamas, and nap the afternoon away in pure bliss. Make sure you’ve got the perfect mattress

You’ll feel refreshed and your body and mind will thank you for the quick break.

Get Creative


Everybody has a different hobby, an activity that can bring you absolute bliss. Some moms like to write, others like to paint, sing, knit, carve, cook, the list is endless. Take this opportunity to partake in your hobby of choice. Hobbies can be mentally engaging and an excellent way to develop your skills.

Catch Up with Friends


Has it been a little while since you’ve been able to hang out with your besties? Why not give them a little call? While not technically an activity to be done “alone,” you can still keep in touch with friends and family while in the comfort of your own home. Communication is key for maintaining good and healthy relationships, and since you have the day off, you may as well take the chance to catch up on the latest news and events in your friends’ and family’s lives.

Movie Matinee

With streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, it is now easier than ever to treat yourself to your own personal and private movie matinee. Take this opportunity to see the movies that you’ve been dying to watch, but simply never had the time. Thriller, horror, romance, mystery. Indulge in your bowl of popcorn and your guilty pleasure films.

Sneak in Some Exercise


For those seeking a healthy balance in their lifestyles, sneaking in a bit of exercise while you’re alone for the day can be a very beneficial activity. Do some yoga in your living room, do some stretches, go for a quick jog. Exercising has been proven to be an excellent form of stress relief, and it will also keep mom healthy and happy in all other aspects of her life. Studies have shown that exercising helps to release endorphins and regulate metabolism, which are both very important things to keep in check for all moms on the go.

Go for a Walk or Hike


There’s nothing quite like taking a walk or a hike to clear your mind and get back to nature. Taking a walk is an excellent alternative that is quick, easy, and free. Set a small route for yourself to take you past local attractions. The opportunity to grab a breath of fresh air is honestly the best way to sooth away any stress that you may have.

Get Cooking


Having the day alone provides an excellent chance to get creative in the kitchen. Explore and expand your culinary prowess by trying new recipes you never would have had time to prep for otherwise. Add a little spice or treat yourself to a little something sweet, it’s completely up to you! This can also be an awesome opportunity to complete meal prep for the week and offer you a chance to get ahead when it comes to tasks involving the kitchen.

Whatever you do… do not try to catch up on emails or try to get on top of your overdue work assignments! This is your day and you deserve every second of it. Let us know in the comments how you’ll be spending your day home alone.