Outdoor Papasan Chair for Your Patio

This article forms part of our larger Papasan Chair and Cushion review.

Relaxation is an important part of our daily lives and no better way than to chill out in a comfortable seat on your patio taking in the sunshine and fresh air.

Papasan or moon chairs as they are also known, are just so comfy and plush, making them the perfect seat for ultimate chill-out time. Their unique nest-like shape truly invites one to just flop back and forget about any stresses of the day.

We found the Kambree Outdoor Papasan Chair, made by Belham Living, to be the perfect addition to your outdoor patio furniture. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Kambree Papasan chair.



All Weather Design and Durability

The Kambree is based on a wicker design which is obviously visually appealing and has a nice rustic, natural look. Problem is that authentic wicker has a lifespan; eventually, wicker fades, becomes brittle and starts to splinter.

Belham Living has taken this problem out of the equation by using resin wicker that is resistant to the harsh sun and other elements. They have combined this with a steel frame to create a really durable chair that will last for many years without fail.

The steel frame has a natural driftwood finish to keep with the rustic beauty of the chair.

The Puffy Papasan Chair Cushion


The cushion provided with the Kambree is made of a high strength polyester fabric that can withstand the sun’s rays and keep its color nicely.

Talking of colors, the cushion is two-sided, offering you the choice to reverse it from the modern floral design to a plain shade for a different decor scheme on your patio. The cushion is not waterproof though, but can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth if it collects dust or other outdoor material.

The papasan chair cushion is 7 inches thick and packed with really nice puffy inner material to give your back and bum a cloud nine feel!


The Kambree has the following physical dimensions:

38.2 inches in width x 33 inches in depth x 36.22 inches in height, making it really nice and spacious.

It has a carrying capacity of 250 pounds, so is quite capable to seat bigger people comfortably.

Conclusion on the Kambree Outdoor Papasan

The Kambree is a really versatile outdoor papasan chair that will become a firm favorite with friends and family visiting for a lazy lunch on your patio.

The classic looks and superbly comfortable cushion on this Papasan made it an obvious choice for us. The durable framework and use of a weatherproof wicker product also make the Kambree a value for money chair that will stand the test of time around any home.

Due to its weatherproof design, the Kambree Papasan will be quite at home anywhere in your garden or outdoor living space.

The cushion, not being waterproof would have to be stored under cover if the bowl chairs are used in the open and stand the chance of receiving rain or excessive moisture. But we think this is a fair trade-off to have exquisite comfort outdoors!

The Kambree Outdoor Papasan chair ticks all the right boxes for aesthetics, durability and price.