Best Mirrored Chest of Drawers

Nothing says Hollywood glam like a shiny and flashy vanity set. Visions pass through the mind, a movie set with a showgirl’s dressing room and a mirror surrounded by lights above a reflective chest of drawers for all those fancy clothes and make-up!

The bling of Hollywood appeals to so many people out there and you can really bring this feeling into your home now with fantastic furniture pieces that carry that 80’s Hollywood feel combined with modern looks and contemporary style.

We went out and sourced these great mirrored chests of drawers and cabinets which we think will bring that unique ambiance to your home.

Coaster Leighton Collection



This cabinet is definitely a must for lovers of shine and steel. The Leighton collection is really fancy; the main color theme here is a matte mercury steel finish on the drawers and the main body.

The main housing has a border of mirrored panel facets, adding a reflective shine to the whole cabinet, while crystal draw knobs finish it off nicely.

Dimensions are as follows, 35 x 20.1 x 48.2 inches and it has a weight of 130 pounds.

Elegant Lighting Mirrored Cabinet



This lovely, solidly built cabinet with five drawers has a sparkling clean look and feel to it that will enhance any glamorous dressing room!

Very spacious, with 5 divisions that offer versatile storage for your clothes and other girl things. It has been made from a combination of solid wood and MDF, with the draw sliders made from solid hardwood for durability.

It has been hand-painted with silver paint. The dimensions are as follows, 33″ x 16″ x 49″ and has a weight of 138 pounds.

Pulaski Modern Chest of Drawers



The Pulaski Veronica mirrored accent chest is a stunning focal piece that would be ideal in an entrance hall, bringing that glamorous shine when you open your front door.

The unique mirrored panels on each of the three wide drawers give the impression of multiple sections. The main frame of the cabinet has a rubbed vanilla finish and the chrome handles complete the overall cabinet off as if to say, bling-bling, but in a classic vintage way.

The dimensions are as follows, 15 x 46 x 34 inches with an overall weight of 143 pounds.

Zuri Console Table



Wow! Is what we said when we found this piece, it just has that funky decor vibe that reeks of the 70’s. Angles and shine are the main design trait on this unique piece.

It is super solid and weighs around 300 pounds and dimensions are as follows, 59″ x 17.75″ x 33”. The whole cabinet is covered in clear glass mirrors that make a bold and flashy statement.

Tada Mod Mirror Chest



The Tada 5 drawer modern chest by Zuri furniture is a unique design featuring staggered compartments. It lends a modern and contemporary look to classic retro styling and will make any dressing room look fantastic!

Faceted with clear glass mirrors and finished off with black crystal drawer pulls, the Tada is a great example of a retro cabinet that has a modern twist to it with the staggered draws. The draws are spacious and the dimensions of the cabinet are as follows, 16.7 x 27.6 x 49.3 inches; and have a weight of 155 pounds.

Treasure Design Furniture



This great chest really lives up to its name, treasure trove…. It is beautifully embellished with a champagne gold bead trim which accents the mirrored panels of the main frame and drawers.

The square faceted mirror draw knobs fit perfectly to the theme. The dimensions of the chest are as follows, 16 x 32 x 30 inches and are quite light at 60 pounds. It’s a firm favorite and definitely follows that Hollywood theme.

Howard Dresser



The Howard Elliott collection has brought this stunner of a chest out with real cut glass knobs!

The faceted mirror surfaces really make this one a shiny affair. The main frame is made of solid wood with an almost black finish, with the three drawers slightly set apart to reveal a clear break between them. The dimensions are as follows, 39 x 20 x 33 inches and it has a total weight of 150 pounds.

Baxton Contemporary Hollywood



The Baxton mirrored furniture design has the cleanest lines and shine, giving it an almost surgical look.

Made from mirrored laminates, composite MDF and wood with real mirror glass, the three drawer storage of the Baxton really brings a feeling of cleanliness and sophistication to any space it is placed in.

Finished on the edges with a black bevel edging, the dimensions are as follows, 18 x 30 x 28 inches and it has a weight of 86 pounds.

Abbyson Bedside Table



The Abbyson is just the right size and style for a stunning bedside table. Two storage sections with ample storage for bedside goodies and crystal glass drawer pulls make it a real gem of a chest.

It has been crafted from real wood, steel, glass and mirror panels and has the following dimensions, 23.5 inches wide x 18 inches deep x 25.5 inches high. The mirror top adds dimension to anything standing on top and will also naturally reflect a bedside lamps light back up into the room. Without a doubt, a really great looking bedside unit.

Creating Hollywood Glamour at Home

The decor advantages of mirrored chests are related to reflection and light, achieving the illusion of extra space. They accentuate any space by reflecting the colors and light of the surrounding space, making them fit into any space where a bit of shine and bling are needed. These designs have revived old Hollywood and added a splash of contemporary flare.

We think that any of these mirrored chests of drawers will be quite at home in any dressing room, bedroom or entrance hall, so bring back the shine to your home with one of these beauties.

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