Best Mid Century Modern Side Table Review

Sometimes we have a yearning to bring that classic vintage or retro feel back into our bedroom. Nowadays everything has become so artificial, with lots of synthetics and plastics involved. To be honest, modern day living has started to lack the soul and tradition of days gone by.

Luckily there are a few design companies that are bringing back that lively retro feel to homes around the world. Using modern materials, they are combining the style of the mid century to bring us some fantastic furnishings to our lives that will turn a dull space into something with a bit of life.

Now we can bring back the 50’s style into our homes without making it feel like we are living in a museum. We went out to search for five of the best Mid Century Modern side tables that exude that retro atmosphere. Let’s take a look at them here.

Light Walnut & White Side Table



eHomeProducts brings us this classic mid century side table that has clean and simple lines but carries a nice modern, retro feel with its wooden framework and contrasting white drawer.

A combo of hardwood veneers and composite board has been used to create the stylish look, which stands on four tapered legs. The white drawer contrasts nicely against the light walnut finish of the main housing.

It comes unassembled in a box, but is fairly quick to assemble with minimal effort. The final dimensions of the eHome nightstand are 19″ wide x 16″ deep x 22.5″ high.

The simplicity and practical design make this a firm favorite.

50’s Modern Nightstand



We just love the “modern” nightstand by Lifewit, though it does not really scream modern. This one just has a real retro feel from the 50’s with its subdued color scheme and staggered draw arrangement.

The solid and perfect construction of this table really stands out, clean lines of the white framework contrast against the unique canvassed drawers. The canvas drawers are colored in pale baby shades.

The main framework is made from veneered composite board in a white finish and the solid pine legs add great stability. The legs are capped with non-slip, non-scratch pads.

The compact design and size is misleading, because the staggered drawers give the impression that it is much larger. The dimensions of the Lifewit nightstand are as follows: 21.7 high x 18.9 wide x 11.8 in deep and has ample storage space in the drawers.

This bedside table definitely rates as one of our favorites.

Modway Tracy Night Stand



The Modway Tracy nightstand has a very stylish look that takes us back to the 70’s with its art deco look and monotone finish.

Very solid construction made with MDF and rubberwood and beautifully completed with an antique finish. The product arrives unassembled but is very easy and quick to assemble.

The Modway Tracy is slightly heavier and more solid than the previous two products and weighs 40 pounds. The dimensions of the Tracy are as follows, 22″ long x 16″ wide x 21” high. It features two spacious drawers and has a platform base leg stand.

This mid century nightstand is a really great piece of furniture with a nice vintage look without the colorful retro styling.

Two Tone Oak End Table



Another great retro side end table from eHomeproducts. This one is very similar to their first product on our review, but has the addition of a convenient bookshelf between the legs.

This design also stabilizes the longer legs nicely. The construction once again is from hardwood veneers, composite wood and MDF, while the legs are solid pine.

A natural oak finish on the legs and lower shelf contrasts against the snow white table top and drawer, giving a nice retro look. The dimensions of the table are as follows, 18″ wide x 16″ deep x 24″ high, making it slightly bigger than the first design from eHomeproducts featured here.

It is also very easy to assemble and is delivered in a compact box package.

Design 59 Mid Century Vintage Piece



This is the only piece in our review that is totally constructed of natural timber. Made from Acacia hardwood and finished in a dark walnut stain, makes this rustic and natural looking table a top seller.

It is also dual purpose and doesn’t necessarily only fit the bill of being a nightstand, it will be equally at home in the lounge or living area. Great as a bedside table for magazines, books or even to store vinyl records, with the surface being big enough for a retro record player.

Assembly is super easy and the dimensions are 18” wide X 18” deep X 22” high and have a total weight of 20 pounds, fairly light considering the solid hardwood construction. We really love this vintage look; it’s versatile, stylish and invokes a feeling from grandpa’s house when we were young.

Design 59 Inc has really brought a simplistic design to the market, which is tough and durable because of its Acacia wood construction. Built to last a lifetime, you won’t regret this one if you like the look and feel of natural wood furniture.

M.C.M. Style in Your Home

All the mid century modern side tables that we have featured in this review are just awesome. They all are made to high standards, using the best quality materials, bringing that retro feeling back to your living space. Change your view on modern living and break away from the plastic trends, bring back the nostalgia of the past to your home with one of these stunning pieces.

If you’re handy at woodworking, you could even try your hand at building the piece yourself.

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