Best Mid Century Modern Desk Chair 2023 – Working from Home

If the idea of kicking back at your desk with whiskey and a cigarette like you belong in an episode of Mad Men appeals to you, then an ultra-stylish, mid-century modern desk chair design is what you need to complete the picture.

There’s an undeniable flair to the 50’s. A tangible energy that lines the stark vectors and muted colors of living and working spaces. It was definitely a time of change and awakening to new ideas and modern design.

Sadly, in today’s world of plastic and gimmicky design, something has been lost when it comes to the soul and life of interiors. Most modern spaces have become sterile and lack the warmth of handcrafted furniture; everything seems mass produced and bland.

Fortunately, there seems to be a shift in thought and the nostalgic atmosphere of the 50’s is starting to make a clear comeback in homes and offices around the world.

Now desk chairs can be a subject we can delve deep into, so let’s just cut that short and take a look at important features of office designs. An office or mid-century modern desk chair needs to be comfortable; you will likely be spending a few hours at a time working at your desk. There is absolutely nothing worse than a seat that causes backache and the resultant fatigue, it’s just simply bad for your health. An office chair also needs to be adjustable in height and a bonus feature would be one where the backrest can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

Let’s take a look at these awesome retro designs that we think will be the perfect addition to your mid-century themed office or your home study.

Modway Retro Office Chair



The Modway Jive is a classic; it reminds you of the style of days gone by.

It has that modern 50’s look where new and fancy design started taking shape. It has been ergonomically designed with your health as forethought. The backrest has been designed to prevent lumbar region stress and fatigue.

It comes in a fabulous range of funky colors and there is a mid-back and high back design for taller folks. Dimensions are as follows, 22.5″L x 26″W x 35 – 37.5″H with a weight of 38 pounds.

Serta 50’s Style Seat



The Serta 50’s Style Ashland is one of those plush and comfy lounge-type designs that have been combined with a foot piece to bring you the comfort of a couch in a desk chair.

Foam inners have been covered with a luxurious bonded leather, bringing you a very soft and comfortable seat. Totally height adjustable and can swivel 360 degrees.  It has good quality castor wheels on each foot. The metal lower part is finished in chrome, classic 50’s style.

Dimensions are 28.2 x 25.5 x 36.8 inches with a weight of 39 pounds.

Flash Swivel Vintage Desk Chair



The Flash Swivel vintage design has a classic retro feel with its curved wooden framework and glossy black leather upholstery. It makes a bold statement and is perfect for conference rooms or boardrooms where visitors won’t be seated for the whole day. That being said, the backrest has been designed to offer the best lumbar and mid-back support. Height adjustable by the pneumatic handle and can swivel 360 degrees, it’s a great looking design that will accentuate any office or study.

Serta Mid Century



Another plush mid century style from Serta, the dovetail is made with memory foam that is covered with superb upholstery offering a soft and stable seat. It is also height adjustable and the backrest offers good lower back support.

The lower part is chrome finished and the chair can swivel a complete 360 degrees. The dimensions of the Serta are 27.8 x 26.5 x 37 inches and it has a weight of 34 pounds.

Armen Modern Wood Finish



Beautiful curved wooden seat and backrest make the Armen Julian a full-on retro chair, with faux leather upholstery.

It is height adjustable and is finished with a stunning chrome foot piece. The dimensions are 23 x 23 x 33 inches and it weighs only 23 pounds with a full 360 degree swivel action and caster wheels for moving around your desk. The Armen is a perfect addition for the retro lovers.

Porthos Atrium



This has just got to be the chair Sue-Ellen Ewing sat and drank vodka in! I mean look at this thing it just screams retro….

Balanced and well designed with its curved wooden seat and Polyurethane leather upholstery, the Atrium will look perfect in any modern office that needs a bit of retro quirkiness. Dimensions are 22.8 x 25.2 x 34.6 inches and it only weighs 21 pounds.

Porthos Noah Adjustable



This stunning modern boardroom chair has been stylishly crafted for the connoisseur. The Porthos Home Noah is fully rotational and height adjustable.

It also has an angle function to set the angle of the seat and backrest for super comfort. Upholstered with good quality leather and steel parts finished with chrome, make it an exciting addition to the office environment.

Porthos Lillian Business



The Porthos range has a sense of perfection, with detailed finishes that highlight the craftsmanship that has been used in the manufacture.

The Lillian has been beautifully finished in green leather and the usual hardwood curves familiar from the Porthos Home. Fully rotational and height adjustable with the same angle adjuster located under the front of the seat. Dimensions are 26 x 26.4 x 40.2 inches with a weight of 33 pounds.

Porthos Orion Home Study



The Orion is stunning in its red leather finish; this pone will look stunning in an executive’s office where natural woods form the basis of the décor. The dimensions are 23.5 x 28.8 x 39.2 inches with a weight of 28 pounds. The classic Chesterfield style of leather upholstery combined with a retro structure sets this beauty apart from the other Porthos’.

Porthos Caroline Boardroom



The Caroline from Porthos is a much simpler and minimalist design, with curved wooden sides and a Pu leather upholstered seat and backrest.

Dimensions are 21.5 x 22 x 36.2 inches and it only weighs 24 pounds, being one of the lightest products in this review. The Porthos Caroline really brings simplicity and style to the office.

Poly Vegan Leather



Very clean cut and neat, definitely part of the Poly and Bark design concept. A stylish executive throne that will accentuate any corporate office environment and give the necessary comfort for a long day behind the desk.

Dimensions are as follows, 30.3 x 22.8 x 13.8 inches and it weighs 25 pounds. Finished in vegan leather for the eco-conscious executive, the Poly and Bark is fully rotational and the height and tilt are fully adjustable. A brilliant and good looking seat.

Extra Info

What is a Mid Century Modern Look?

Furniture with tapering legs (usually leaning in or out) with a beautiful combination of veneer wood and natural tone leathers and stark vertical and horizontal lines usually qualifies.

There’s a definite difference between actual mid-century and mc modern… it has to look “inspired” by the 50s, with that vintage feel while still being modern and clean.