Best Canopy Bed for Little Girls

It’s one of those things that can bring both charm and elegance to any room. A long time ago, the wealthy would invest large sums of money to have their princess beds custom carved from rare, sturdy woods. Today, little girl canopy beds are a luxurious item shared by many, bringing a sense of sophistication to any room

If you’re thinking of getting one for your daughter, you’re guaranteed to make her feel like a real-life princess with dreamy and light curtains gently draping over her white canopy bedroom set. Here are a few options that are best suited for any young girls’ room.

Canopy Bed with Decorative Metal Frame



This sturdy design for young girls, comes with an adorable heart scroll designed into the head and foot boards. With three different colors to choose from (including pink, silver, and white), you can easily slip curtains onto the frame for added effect.

Measuring 77.5” x 41.5” x 71.5”, this design offers plenty of comfort and space as it does style. It is designed to be quick and simple to assemble, comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, and is guaranteed to make your little girl’s room feel that much more like a princess’ castle.

Installation can be a mildly tricky. It would be a bit easier to install with two people than if you did it alone.

As with all the kid’s beds we’ve reviewed, the one important thing to remember is that the top bars are not strong enough for kids to hang on. We’d suggest that you make sure they are decorated with curtains, ribbons and stars to make it a little less tempting to swing on.

This would be the option to go for if weight capacity is a concern or if your child is a bit more rambunctious.

Princess Bed for Girls



Available in single or double, this up-to-date take on princess beds for girls is incredibly sturdy and designed with a built-in headboard for added frame support. The slatted design means that there’s no need for a box spring, saving your wallet without giving up a good night’s rest. This particular model comes in four different colors: pink, gold, gray, and white.

While drape curtains are sold separately, this design can easily stand on its own as the main centerpiece of any room. It measures 57” x 78.5” x 73.5”. Your daughter is guaranteed a good night’s rest in this beautiful and comfortable unit.

White Fairy Carriage



The White Metal Fairy Carriage is the product of when design meets fantasy. This gorgeous frame takes a fantastical twist on the white canopy bed frame and takes it one step further. With this frame, your little girl will have nothing but sweet dreams as she is tucked into her very own white carriage.

Rust and paint chips can sometimes be a problem. Fortunately, you could occasionally add a lick of paint and perhaps change the color each time to spruce it up!

While sheer curtains are sold separately, a whimsical scrolling design and a crown have been built into the frame for a truly elegant effect. This carriage style comes in either pink, purple, or white and requires a box spring for the mattress. It measures 42.5” x 88” x 80.5”.

Little Toddler Canopy Frame



Made with your toddler’s comfort in mind, you can easily use this canopy with most wooden and plastic toddler beds. Simply add the canopy bedroom set and transform your child’s bed into a stylish pink display. This attachable design fits units up to 53” x 29”. With adorable pink ruffles and beautiful bows, it’s easy to both install and remove as your little girl grows older and graduates to a larger size.

Kids Bedroom Set Buyers Guide


The Twin Size Canopy Design (Product 1) and the Carriage (Product 3) are by far the most stylish designs. We especially loved the Carriage for its truly ‘Cinderella’ look. Add a kids vanity table for even more of a fairytale look.

Strength & Durability

The Modern Metal Pink Design (Product 2) is by far the strongest choice and can even hold the weight of a medium sized adult. On the other hand, the Carriage has a limited lifespan and will begin to show rust over about a year or so.

More Buying Tips

When buying a canopy bed frame for your child, it’s always important to weigh considerations such as affordability, style, and general durability. As your little girl grows older, her tastes may change. However, given the classic design, choosing the right one may mean a frame that lasts for many years to come.

Once you’ve found the one that works for your daughter’s comfort as well as her style, that’s when you know you’ve truly found a design that’s worth its value. Good luck and happy shopping!