Leesa vs. Tuft and Needle Mattress Comparison 2019


It can be a daunting experience choosing a mattress based on other people’s opinions. Who knows what their motivations are for promoting one over the other, or if they’ve even tested the mattresses personally. Well we have and this detailed and honest comparison of the Leesa vs the Tuft and Needle mattresses will give you a clear and definitive answer to which one is better.

These two mattresses which at first glance seem very similar are actually very different in material manufacturing.

Both are 10 inches in height, but while the Leesa has an inch tri-layer construction made with a variety of materials, the Tuft and Needle use a simpler 2 layer polyurethane foam arrangement.

This creates a dramatic difference in the way it feels to sleep on and in particular how it handles your body’s pressure points.

Leesa – See Price

We find that the Leesa is a much better choice for heavy people and those who are prone to joint pain from mattress pressure. This is thanks to the tri-layers ability to softly cushion your body in a slightly more dynamic way. It adapts better to different sleeping positions and has a softer, more luxurious feel.

Tuft and Needle – See Price

The Tuft and Needle is fantastic for regular sized folks who like their mattress to be just a little firmer. This simpler design has less of a “marshmallow” effect when sleeping on it. It has slightly better temperature regulation for hot sleepers and there is also a significant difference in price with the Tuft and Needle being substantially better value for money. Skip to Tuft and Needle.

Leesa Mattress Review


The Leesa mattress is best for joint pain relief around pressure points as well as heavier people who need a little more “give” in their mattress. It’s softer and “cushier” than the competition but all this comes at a higher price point. Let’s explore the Leesa more in depth. Check the Price at Amazon.com

The Leesa Memory Foam Mattress Pros and Cons


• Softer Luxury Feel Without Sinking In
• Overweight People Have More Dynamic Support
• Great for All Types of Sleepers


• Average Temperature Regulation
• Quite Pricey

The Leesa Mattress is Best For:

Restless Sleepers who don’t want to disturb their partners

The increased dynamic foam construction absorbs movements extremely well leaving the other person completely unaware of the movement.

Heavier People

A heavier person’s body weight will be absorbed better by the plush layering. The middle layer especially allows for the mattress to conform to your increased weight while the top layer keeps the feeling of “plushness”.

Joint Pain & Pressure Points

Each of the layers combines into a dynamic feel that adapts extremely well to your unique body shape. This allows each of your joints and pressure points to be comfortably cradled individually with exactly the right amount of pressure it needs. It’s soft but without feeling like you’re sinking in.


Let’s start with the 3 layer construction.

leesa-constructionThe 2 inch top layer of Avena® foam is designed for smaller pressure point relief like elbows and knees while also allowing for better temperature regulation. It acts similarly to latex under pressure giving you a slightly bouncier surface. It will conform to your body shape instantly when you move around.

The 2 inch middle layer is made from memory foam and allows for pressure relief on shoulders and hips as it gently “cradles” your body. Together, the top and middle layers of premium foam make sleeping on the Leesa an incredibly comfortable experience.

The 6 inch base foam layer creates firm support for the upper layers. This is the layer that has the most stability and offers the necessary rigidity to the overall mattress construction.

Temperature Regulation

Due to the slightly softer surface, temperature regulation becomes more difficult. Thankfully the Leesa utilizes a corrugated top layer of Avena® foam which distributes heat away from your body as you sleep. It is also well perforated with air channels to give it better ventilation allowing the top surface to “breathe”.

Leesa Firmness

There is a more dynamic feel to the firmness. In other words, it feels firm while being able to adapt gently to the varying pressure points with softer cushioning.

Value for Money

The comfort and quality of this mattress are nearly unmatched but it does come at a cost. If you can afford the upgrade, it’ll be completely worth it.

Trial Period & Warranty

Both the Leesa and the Tuft and Needle have a 100 night sleep trial. You can return the mattress at no cost within 100 days if you’re not completely satisfied with it. This is wonderful as it removes the risk of buying a mattress you don’t absolutely love.

You also have a 10 Year manufacturer warranty. This means that any manufacturing defects that occur for the first 10 years of the life of your mattress are covered. Leesa will repair or replace the mattress depending on the extent of the problem.

Ordering & Delivery

Ordering online is extremely convenient as the Leesa mattress is shipped in a 15” x 15” x 445” box right to your door. Simply remove the mattress from the packaging (taking care not to damage the material with sharp objects) and voila! The mattress will pop open and begin to inflate all by itself. You should leave it for around 48 hours to fully expand but we found that it was ready to use much sooner. We’ll leave that to you to decide.

Social Impact

Leesa donates 1 mattress for every 10 they sell. This will usually go to homeless shelters and foster care organizations in the U.S. and is a truly unique endeavor among the mattress firms. You can truly tell that they care for the community as they participate in community events and food charities too!

Environmental Impact

Leesa plants one tree for every mattress sold! Their commitment of planting one million trees by 2025 is nothing short of spectacular and is no doubt already making a substantial impact on the environment. You can literally go to sleep knowing that a tree exists out there because you bought this mattress.

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review


The Tuft and Needle have a simpler, firmer surface which is a dream to sleep on. If you’re of average weight, the mattress strikes the perfect balance between being comfortable enough to sleep on while being firm enough to keep your spine perfectly aligned. It is slightly more suited to back and stomach sleepers as side sleepers might not love the slightly firmer density on their hips and shoulders. It does, however, make the mattress great for hot sleepers as you don’t feel like you’re being sucked into the mattress. Check the Price at Amazon.com

The Tuft and Needle Memory Foam Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Firmer Feel While Retaining Adaptive Comfort
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Great for Hot Sleepers
  • Excellent for Stomach and Back Sleepers


  • Can Be Too Firm for Some Heavier People

The Tuft and Needle Mattress is Best For:

People Who Prefer a Firmer Mattress

Now let’s be clear, the Tuft and Needle doesn’t feel hard. Not at all. I fact, it’s extremely comfortable and you’ll sleep like a baby. But in comparison, it has a simpler foam design which will adapt to your body shape on a broader scale rather than cushioning every tiny curve.

It’s for people who completely dislike the feeling of sinking into a doughy marshmallow.

Stomach and Back Sleepers

Due to the firmer feel, lighter side sleepers will sometimes find it difficult to get comfortable as the pressure on their hips and shoulders isn’t accommodated enough. Though this is rare, it’s important to consider if you already find you’re “turning” your hips away from the mattress to avoid pressure. This will lead to improper spine alignment and could cause back problems over time.

Hot Sleepers

Because you’re essentially making less contact with the overall surface of the mattress due to the reduced adaptability, you’re going to find it easier to cool down on hot summer nights. Both mattresses take great care in ensuring the temperature is well regulated through internal ventilation and material selection, but the Tuft and Needle do a slightly better job at keeping you cool.

Budget Conscious People

You’ll find the Tuft and Needle significantly cheaper than the Leesa even though the quality is nearly on par. This video illustrates how Tuft and Needle keep their prices low without compromising on quality.


tuft-and-needle-constructionThere are two layers of foam that make up a total of 10 inches in height.

The base layer comprises of 7 inch poly-foam with just the right amount of give to keep everything lined up and avoid strain the spine, lumbar region, neck or shoulders.

The 3 inch top layer is proprietary foam by Tuft and Needle, designed specifically to provide pressure relieving comfort and an incredible night’s sleep. It doesn’t have the fancy and complex construction of the Leesa but makes up for it in customized foam technology.

Temperature Regulation

The surface foam keeps you cool even on hot summer nights. The material is designed to “conduct” heat away from the body while keeping you cozy enough and sleeping like a baby. Furthermore, the simpler design will make less surface contact with your body and avoid any overheating.

Tuft and Needle Firmness

“Just Right” is the term that comes to mind. Remember, the foam has been specially designed to curve and support around each pressure point while not feeling squashy at all. You may not love it if you’re really lightweight and sleep on your side most of the night. But for the average person, it will feel firm but very comfortable.

Value for Money

The Tuft and Needle is incredible value for money. It’s significantly cheaper than the Leesa and the quality, value for money and customer care are very close. Check the price.

Warranty & Trial Period

Both mattresses come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty which will result in the mattress being repaired or replaced within 10 years if any manufacturing defects occur. This included things like stitching and construction but excludes wear and tear from use.

The Trial periods for both are a full 100 days! More than enough time to be completely sure that you love your mattress and won’t wake up one morning thinking: “what the hell have I done!” The customer support in both cases is great and returns are made simple with no questions asked.

Delivery & Setup

The bed-in-a-box concept works really well as the mattress is compressed in the factory and inflates by itself the moment you remove it from the packaging. Both mattresses are easy to set up. You simply remove it from the box, cut open the wrapping and wait a few hours while your mattress inflates on an open, flat surface.

Some people have complained about a smell coming from the mattress over the first few hours but it is really negligible and disappears completely in a day.

Which Mattress is Better?

Okay, so you have all the info about how each mattress is made and what its unique benefits are, but which one is better? They’re both extremely good at what they do and you will not go wrong with either option, especially since you have a 100 night trial both ways.

That being said, we love the Leesa just a tiny bit more. It’s worth the extra money to have a slightly more dynamic sleeping surface. It just feels a little so luxurious. We also don’t mind that they are by far the most philanthropic mattress company is existence. Here’s the lowdown…

If you’re a heavier side sleeper who prefers a softer, more responsive surface, the Leesa is for you.

If you’re a hot sleeper who wants to save money or someone who sleeps on your stomach or back, the Tuft and Needle is a better choice.


If you’re still not sure, why not try both, but start with the cheaper Tuft and Needle in case you absolutely love it!

Bianca Birgit

Bianca is the editor and product review curator at WellWorthLiving.com.  Having tested countless mattresses, furniture items, and home appliances, she is dedicated to finding the perfect balance between usability and affordability in her comprehensive, to-the-point articles.

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