Best King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep is an essential part of our daily existence, a time to rest our bodies and our minds before taking on another day. The stresses of modern, fast-paced lifestyles take their toll on us and at the end of the day, there is nothing nicer than climbing into a bed with a king size memory foam mattress and getting some well-earned rest! Fortunately today with advances in technology and newer materials, there are really awesome memory foam mattresses available that will make those insomniac nights a thing of the past.

Memory foam molds to the shape of the object placing weight on it to give even support without pressure on the object.

If you look at memory foam vs regular mattress design, the older spring types place direct pressure back against the person sleeping whereas the memory foam mattress actually does the opposite, by absorbing the pressure from the person’s weight and body shape giving a much better night’s sleep. So it doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, memory foam eliminates the discomfort from pressure points created by your body postures.

We reviewed the top 5 king sizes options that stand out from the rest measured in comfort, quality and affordability.

Zinus King Size Memory Foam Mattress

king size memory foam mattress


The Zinus 12 Inch Mattress is made using 3 types of foam to give unbeatable comfort and relaxation.

It uses natural herbal infusions in the 3 inch layer of memory foam to combat odors and bacterial build up which naturally occur from our bodies contact with our beds during sleeping.

Let’s take a look at the specs and what the Zinus offers you:

  • Dimensions are as follows: 80” length x 76” width x 12” height
  • The weight stands at 88 pounds
  • 3 inch layer infused with green tea and castor oil extracts
  • 2 inch layer of comfort foam
  • Two 3,5 inch layers of high density airflow foams
  • It is covered in a soft knitted jacquard fabric for a soft finish
  • Zinus backs this product with a 10 year worry free warranty

The combination of foam layers provide you with padding that conforms and follows your body shape but at the same time gives your body stability and support.

The Zinus is a top quality product well worth the price!

Often people ask how does it ship, being a sizable item. Fortunately, modern technology and the foam used enables this product to be compression rolled and it ships in a box. Have your sheets and king size bed frame ready and waiting so you can enjoy it the moment it arrives.

Signature Sleep Mattress



The Signature Sleep 12 Inch uses eco-friendly foam to make this plush mattress a dream sleeper’s heaven.

Free from all the chemicals, heavy metals and other nasties that accompany manufacture of foam products makes the Signature Sleep stand out from the rest.

Here are some specs and features:

  • Dimensions are standard king size at 80” length x 76” width x 12” depth.
  • Weight stands at 86 pounds.
  • 3,5” layer of foam
  • 8,5” layer of high density base support foam
  • A removable outer cover of soft knitted fabric making this part easily washable.
  • Signature Sleep only covers this product with a one year warranty

The mattress is delivered rolled. Watch the video below to follow the easy steps to get it ready for a good nights sleep. It may be quite pricey for a product that is only warrantied for a very short period, but their eco-friendly design and chemical free foam is a great incentive to purchase this product.

Lucid King Size



LUCID 10 Inch Gel King Size Memory Foam Mattress comes packed with a few different features than the other beds on our list.

The foam layer is gel infused to help eliminate any pressure points created by your body shape, enhancing the comfort level as well as making it a thinner mattress at 10 inches.

Take a look at the other specs and features:

  • Dimensions are standard king size at 80” length x 76” width x 10” depth.
  • Weight stands at 70 pounds, the lightest on our list.
  • 2,5” gel memory foam layer
  • 7,5” high density foam base layer
  • A moisture and temperature regulating TENCEL fabric outer cover keeps your rest period from getting too hot.
  • Lucid backs this product with a 25 year warranty

A quality foam mattress at a good price and made from certified chemical and toxin free material, definitely a small price to pay for years of comfy sleep.

Best Value Option



This 10-Inch Mattress is a great value option. Combine that with the certi-PUR accredited materials used, makes this a real value for money investment in sleep time.

Take a look at the awesome features and specs:

  • Dimensions are standard king size at 80” length x 76” width x 10” depth
  • Weight stands at 86 pounds
  • 3” memory foam layer
  • 2” super soft pressure relief foam layer
  • 5” high density base support foam layer
  • Poly Jacquard fabric cover
  • Backed by a 10 year warranty

The memory foam layer is infused with activated charcoal to absorb and eliminate odors from natural body contact with your bed.

More About Memory Foam and Mattresses

How Big Is King Size?

King size is 76 x 80 inches. This may vary slightly in some cases.

How comfortable are memory foam mattresses?

Well, the answer lies in the difference between those uneasy nights on grandma’s coir mattress and rusty bed spring type to a night of unsurpassed rest and comfort on a memory foam bed. Comparing the feeling is impossible.


Sizing to suit your needs is fairly simple; most manufacturers provide you with a sizing guide to make the right choice. On our list, we decided to only show king size mattresses which are standard at 80 inches in length by 76 inches in width.


Different thicknesses/depths of memory foam mattresses are dependent on the various layers of support foams used in each one’s design. Generally, they average 10 to 12 inches in depth.

We hope this list helps you make a choice in the right direction to a new era in sleeping comfort.

How to Unroll the Signature Sleep