Best Kids Vanity Table Set for Little Girls

There is an element of playfulness, elegance, and overall grace about vanity makeup sets. When it comes to your little girl, you want them to feel confident about the way they look and have fun while doing it.

With a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials to choose from, choosing a kids’ dressing table can be somewhat difficult. However, if you’re thinking about treating your little princess to a beautiful and colorful kids’ vanity set, here are a few options that we’ve reviewed.

Fantasy Dressing Table with Drawer



Playing with makeup is one thing, but playing with makeup on a colorful and cute girl’s vanity table brings an element of something special. This makeup station with lights includes a high-quality shatterproof plastic mirror, comes with working lights to illuminate your child’s experience, and comes with three accessory pieces to bring charm and character to the collection.

There is even a built-in drawer and molded-in compartments for storing your little girl’s knick-knacks. This set measures 14” x 28” x 41” and comes with a matching 11” stool that will help your child’s imagination run wild.

Starry Pink Wooden Girls Vanity Set



This starry pink kids vanity table by Teamson Kids has a traditional tri-standing mirror and a built-in drawer for storing your makeup and accessories. Made from sturdy wooden material, this structure is painted with lead-free paints. With a matching wood stool, this combo comes in several colors to choose from including pink, aqua blue, gray, pink, and pink leopard. This easy to assemble dresser takes under 30 minutes to put together and measures 22.5” x 10.5” x 33.2”.

Diva Kids Makeup Table & Stool



The Diva Table & Stool by Kid Kraft comes with a round plex-glass mirror, a large center drawer, two small side-shelves for displaying items and a matching wooden stool. The simple, yet classic design measures 12.5” x 40” x 26.5” and comes in white. Help your little girl’s imagination come true with this realistic dresser set that is both elegant and adorable. Made from sturdy wood material, this design is sure to last for many years to come as your daughter grows up.

The Princess Dresser Unit with Chair



This playful take on the vanity comes in three color patterns: princess, butterfly garden, or sugar plum. With a whimsical and eye-catching design, the mirrors are designed into cute shapes such as a heart-shaped mirror with a topping crown or a butterfly-shaped mirror.

There are two heart-topped storage boxes and a hidden music box that plays whenever your little angel uses the set. This dressing table comes with a matching chair that is designed with hearts and a crown to add to the princess theme. This model measures 15.5” x 30.5” x 37.1” and is incredibly easy to assemble.

Classic Unit with Mirror and Stool



This vanity is built with sturdy wood material and lead-free paint. With elegant bouquets, hand painted onto the mirror supports, built-in center drawer, and stool top, it’s is perfect for any little girl’s’ room. Hand carved with care, this set by Teamson Design Corp measures 39” x 25.5” x 12” and is easy to assemble with the help of step-by-step assembly instructions. It is the perfect choice for little girls ages three and up.

Kids Vanity Buyers Tips

When choosing one to beautifully decorate your child’s room, it’s important to consider the building materials and your child’s safety. Choose vanities that come with shatter-proof or plex-glass mirrors to avoid accidental scrapes and cuts. Also, be sure to purchase a dressing table that is of a suitable size for your daughter. Choose stools or tables that make it a lot less likely for your child to fall off and hurt themselves.

These tables, regardless of whether or not they’re built for children or for adults, are always timeless pieces that can act both as centerpieces or accents to any room. These products that we have reviewed are perfect to aid any kid’s imagination as they explore their own creativity and capabilities.

You could take one step further to make her feel like a princess by adding a little girl’s canopy bed and decorating it in the same colors as the other furniture to carry the theme.