How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner When You Have Pets?

Buying a carpet cleaning machine should be a careful investment given the expense. There are some key aspects that need to be considered when picking the very best carpet cleaning machine for pet urine and other little animal accidents around the home.

In the list below, we’ll explore the top 6 things you really should look at.

Cleaning Power

It should be effective at removing stains, both old and new. It needs to deep clean as opposed to just a superficial surface clean. Suction power is also important to make sure most of the moisture is lifted and the area dries quickly.

Your home’s cleaning needs are unique so select a machine that matches your (and your pet’s) exact cleaning requirements. If you have an older or sick pet battling with incontinence, you may need a more powerful machine to clean up more regular messes.

However, the occasional accident when house training a puppy or kitten may only require a small machine or handheld unit.


If you invest in a quality carpet cleaning unit, it will provide years of service without annoying breakdowns. Poor quality machines will not last or perform adequately.

A quality machine will also ensure that your carpet’s warranty is not comprised.

Inferior quality machines commonly over-saturate the carpet and do not have adequate suction to lift the water, let alone stains. This results in damp damaging the carpet and the under-layer.

This remaining damp is one of the main culprits for causing mold, mildew and that “old carpet” smell.


If something goes wrong or breaks on any appliance, it’s reassuring to know you have the support of a reputable company who will repair or replace parts if needed.

Multi-functional carpet and upholstery cleaners usually have a nozzle attachment and experience cracks on the hose due to kinking when reaching more awkward spots.

Value for Money

There are some excellent products on the market that are not just great value for money, but offer you incredible versatility in a single machine.

Carpet cleaners with a hose and cleaning attachments are ideal for cleaning not just carpets, but furniture, upholstery and even mattresses.

You don’t have to go for the top of the range product to get an effective clean in your pet friendly home. As we mentioned above, if you’re only spot cleaning the occasional stain, smaller units are great on the budget.

Commercial units which may seem pricey for basic home use, but if you are using them for cleaning rental apartments, offices or a particularly large home, they are worth every penny.

Pet friendly apartment rentals need to ensure carpets always stay fresh for new visitors, in this case, a commercial appliance is a great investment.


It should be simple to fill, operate and clean.

The machine should be easy to move around. The power cord should be long enough so you clean a reasonably large area.

The same applies to the hose used for upholstery and spot cleaning.

An adjustable handle is also key so you can adjust it to your height for comfortable use. (This obviously only applies to the larger floor type carpet cleaners, not the portable or cordless type spot cleaners.)

For minor cleaning tasks, a handheld device is ideal. You don’t need to worry about reach and its small and compact to store.


We recommend a machine that can do more than just handle high traffic areas. Tools and attachment allow you to clean staircases, furniture, mattresses, curtains, pet beds and more. You can even deep clean car seats.

Multi-purpose machines are great for use in homes with pets and children. Not only do they tackle stains efficiently, but they are also ideal for cleaning up wet spills on all surfaces.

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