History of the Papasan Chair and Its Return to Modern Homes

The traditional papasan chair is making a comeback in modern homes since their introduction into the United States and Europe after World War II. But their history goes back much further than you could imagine…

They originate in Asian countries like the Philippines and Japan where they were used as the primary chair of the patriarch of the household. There was usually only one chair of this kind found in the home. Their origin dates back centuries as the mention of their existence can even be found in pre-imperial writings and ancient paintings.

After WWII, American soldiers returned home with the chairs and they became an exotic addition to any western lounge area.

They popularity died out until they were re-popularized after the Vietnam war, where once again, soldiers enjoyed their plush comfort and large, cozy seating space. This time, they had become a mainstream furniture item that was bought by “hippies” and upmarket homeowners alike.


They were no longer being imported from Asia but were now being manufactured state-side by entrepreneurial furniture manufacturers who spotted the growing trend.

Soon, the mid-century modern style took over and there was no longer room for the “over-the-top” hippie furniture embraced by the humble papasan chair.

Thankfully they’re back! Since the turn of the millennium, there has been a return to the relaxed boho decor style for which the Papasan Chair (here) is perfectly suited. They are increasing in popularity once again and enjoyed by millions of people in nurseries, living rooms, reading areas and even patios.


More modern versions are now also made from steel or resin which makes them much more durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Back in Style

If you have a generous grandparent with storage in the attic, then chances are you’re about to strike gold. The return of the Papasan is upon us, and if you don’t have one already, you need to get one in your life.

The past has delivered to us a cocoon of sexy boho chic. And for those of you who truly appreciate staying home and living it up in luxury, look no further. This generation of stay-at-homers, are about to take cocooning to a whole new level.

Staying in is the new going out, and with good reason. Where can you go to experience ultimate comfort and luxury, with everything your heart desires at arm’s length? Home, that’s where! Here are the top reasons we love this cup of comfort so very, very much.

That’s One Sexy Chair

Regardless if you are refurbishing a hand-me-down, or picking out your perfect match online, you can custom finish your chair to match your personal style.

Although the chair design fits in perfectly with more contemporary, modern homes, it suits an earthy Boho style to a T. Bohemian decor includes influences from all over the world, and this Asian inspiration ticks all the boxes. Above all, it says relaxed and carefree, and if you identify yourself with a nomadic, gypsy-like spirit, you have found your ultimate throne.

Neutral tones are a popular choice for the base cushion, but you can dress up the chair and remake its look as often as you like. Add pillows if you want to add plushness, or cover it with a throw to add color, texture or printed designs.

Comfort and Cuddles

You always feel loved in a Papasan. It holds and caresses you like a gentle, supportive lover. How is it that it seems to know your innermost wants and needs?

If you have not yet felt the comfort of a papasan chair, then prepare yourself. There’s no need to even hold up your own head, its dome shape offers you the perfect support.

The oversized hollow leaves you feeling small, with ample extra space to move or add cushions. However, if you prefer cuddling up with a partner, or more than one pet, you have options. There are even double Papasan chairs that offer snuggle space for the whole family.

At Home, Indoors and Out

On summer days, take your chair out onto the patio and soak up the sun. And when winter arrives, bring it into the heart of your home, place it in a cozy corner, and settle in with a glass of wine or a steamy cup of cocoa.

Hanging Papasan chairs are a stunning alternative if you’re looking for a patio swing chair, and they’re equally comfortable and attractive.

Relaxing Style

Embrace the Yogi in you, and breathe. Sitting in its embrace, with your legs stretched out, or folded beneath you, you can’t help but summon your inner goddess.

Settle in and reflect, visualize, meditate or do whatever it is you need to center yourself. It’s easy to be present in a Papasan because there are very few places you’d rather be.

If you’re working on perfecting your headstand, drop the cushion to the floor, and if building your Lotus pose is the goal, the chair is great for supporting your progress.

There’s no better place to shut out the noise of the outside world. Relax into your favorite care cocoon and let calm take over.

So what are you waiting for? You know what to do. Add this treasure to your wish list or get one delivered to your front door. This chair is about to change the way you chill.