Hanging Papasan Chair


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So we are all accustomed to the traditional papasan chair with its nest shaped seat and pedestal seat base. Let’s face it papasan’s are just really comfy looking.

But imagine a hanging papasan that takes cloud nine comfort to the next level.

Well, we found this hanging chair from Finebaby which has a classic vintage look and is made with babies, toddlers and young people in mind.

Theoretically, this is not a true papasan chair, but the nest shaped seat has all the attributes of a papasan with a twist of macramé craft added to the mix.

Let’s take a closer look at the Finebaby hanging chair design.



Unique Vintage Design and Manufacturing

The Finebaby hanging papasan chair is made as an aesthetically pleasing seating alternative for babies and toddlers.

It is crafted from a natural cotton rope as the main material, with two steel hoops forming the main supports of the hanging chair.

The whole chair is unique in that it’s completely handmade with cotton rope that has been woven in a macramé style around the two steel hoops. This classic country style is a welcome addition to any moms home, where it will give an atmosphere of relaxation and homeliness.

Hanging Chair Dimensions

The Finebaby hanging chair is definitely not made for adults and is more suited for the younger people in the household.

Its dimensions are as follows:

Larger ring is 31.5 inches in diameter.

Smaller base ring is 19.7 inches in diameter.

The highest point at the back between the two rings is 15.8 inches.

Although the Finebaby hanging chairs dimensions won’t accommodate large individuals, the cotton rope and woven design has supreme strength and will have a heavy carrying capacity. So the strength of the Finebaby should be of no concern.

Functional and Beautiful


The Finebaby hanging design is not only functional; it is also a thing of beauty. It will accentuate any corner of a room or make your sun porch look so much more homely.

It’s a brilliant cradle for baby and can be hung in any room where mom spends most of her time while babies sleeping. The great thing is that the whole chair is made of natural cotton, without nasty paints or dyes that could pose a hazard to an inquisitive bambino.

It makes the perfect reading nest for toddlers and youngsters, kids love unique places and spaces; and the Finebaby hanging papasan achieves that in their mind’s eye.

Conclusion on the Finebaby Hanging Moon Chair

The finebaby is really a great way to enhance any part of your home or baby and children’s rooms. Although this hanging chair does not conform totally to true papasan standards, it still has the basic design traits and comfort level.

The Finebaby does not come supplied with a cushion, because of its loose and flexible design. But its versatility allows you to add any scatter cushions or your toddler’s favorite blanket to ensure their absolute comfort.

We think the Finebaby is the perfect addition to any home where there are little feet looking for a place to chill out.

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