Folding Papasan Chair for Comfortable Camping


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Papasan chairs are well known for their styling looks and superb comfort. Now imagine a papasan style chair that is completely portable! Traditional papasan chairs are usually made from a wicker platform with a nest shaped seat that houses a thick, puffy cushion. They are generally not very portable.

The papasan chair has never gone out of fashion for obvious reasons; they look good and will fit any décor scheme in most spaces. We went and searched for a papasan chair that is lightweight and portable, and we found this great folding papasan from Urban Shop.



Folding Papasan Chair for Camping

The Urban Shop Folding Saucer Chair is not a true papasan for various reasons, however, it still has that unique puffy cushion that papasan’s are known for.

The Urban Shop Papasan has a framework made of a very simple folding tubular steel system. The framework may look very basic but is sturdy and has a good carrying capacity. What makes this design awesome is the fact that it folds flat and can be stored away easily as well as making it portable for camping trips.

Colorful Bowl Chair Options

Urban Shop has made the folding basket chair available in a variety of colorful cushion designs.

The cushion is made of great quality polyester fabric in a wide range of colors and patterns. The fabric is easily washed either by spot cleaning with a damp cloth or by removing the whole cushion from the framework for laundering.

Moon Chair Dimensions

The Urban Shop papasan is nice and roomy and has the following dimensions:

37 inches in length x 30 inches in width x 30 inches in depth, making it possible for an average adult person to easily curl up in the nest shaped interior.

Versatile Saucer Design

We really like this chair because it can be taken along anywhere; and if creature comfort is a necessity when you are traveling or going camping, then the Urban Shop papasan is a great choice. It folds down to a packable size much like other camping chairs.

It’s the perfect chair for students to have for their pads or dorms and because it is light and portable, it’s great for when they move to new digs or plan a weekend away with friends.

The Urban Shop papasan doesn’t really lend itself to being a decorative piece of furniture and we don’t feel it will be at home in your lounge as a permanent type of furnishing.

Conclusion to the Urban Shop Papasan

This chair is really great to have for so many reasons; it is versatile and comes at a very affordable price. It’s affordable enough to have a few of them stored for those weekend barbeques when your friends come over, or for family holidays to the beach.

It is ideal for young people who are always on the move. The Urban Shop Folding papasan is a really great chair that is well made and sophisticated by design. We think its a great purchase.

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