Family Friendly Patio Spaces


Have you ever considered that your patio can serve as an entirely additional room to your home? It may be outside, but it can still be a kid’s playroom, a studio, a garden atrium, and even a secret fairy kingdom.

All you need is a little creativity and a small budget, and your patio will soon become the place where your family will want to spend most of their leisure time. It also has the added benefit of not having a TV, which is the perfect place for quality family time. (Make sure to also ban phones and laptops.)

Here are a few great family friendly ideas for your patio.

Turn Your Patio Into an Artists Paradise


Why not add an easel or two to the patio and store some brushes and paints in a handy deck box. Also, throw in an Outdoor Papasan Chair to make it a comfortable artists den. The plush cushion makes it an ideal piece of furniture to escape to with a good book and a cup of hot tea.

Kids Love Gardening


Children love to water and tend to plants. Why not turn your patio into a potted garden. Garden implements can be left out as part of the decor, and readily available for when the kids want to do a little digging.

Remember How Much You Loved Fairy Lights


Your kids will feel like they’ve walked into a fairy tale. If you can’t get your hands on some fairy lights, hanging light bulbs will work just as well. It will warm up the area and make it ideal for entertaining too.

Don’t Forget Hanging Lanterns


Cheap Chinese Lanterns have the same effect as the fairy lights, but are equally susceptible to weather. They do make the patio look and feel amazing though.



Keep instruments nearby. No matter how uncomplicated. The space is more than just a visual experience., it’s an auditory one as well. If you can’t play an instrument, simply have a Bluetooth speaker nearby and play your favorite music to fill the patio with good vibes. This will go a long way to making it a really happy place for you and your family.



You’ve added some plants and a cool play area for the kids. Why not lay your floor with Astroturf to make it look even greener. The kids will love it and it adds a funky faux-modern style. Its also a more affordable solution to hide any imperfections, should the deck need a little attention.

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