Double Papasan Chair Couch

This article forms part of our larger Papasan Chair and Cushion review.

Been searching for the perfect papasan loveseat? Well, we just found a really soft and comfy cuddle couch that ticks all the boxes for comfort, warmth, and style.

We are all accustomed to the papasan chair with its cozy moon chair shape; now let’s double that up into a two-seat version, also known as a mamasan!

Now there are quite a few designs like this out there, so we went and searched for the biggest, plushest and neatest double papasan loveseat on the market.

We found the International Caravan Double Papasan Chair couch to be a perfect choice. Let’s take a deeper look into it here.



Beautiful Design of the Mamasan

The International Caravan Double papasan has been beautifully designed and manufactured.

This mamasan, or papasan is handmade from rattan which has a timeless appeal and elegant appeal. It will fit perfectly into any home with its classic, yet sophisticated look. The natural rattan framework is strong and sturdy and has a good carrying capacity due to its inherent flexible strength.

The rattan has been finished with a nice rich wood stain, giving a nice warm feel to the couch.

A Double Papasan Cushion!

Out of all the papasans we looked through, this one just screamed out at us. The double cushion is soft and puffy, yet is stable and supportive. The cushion is covered in a super soft micro suede fabric and fits the rattan framework perfectly. The cushion can also be spot cleaned if necessary with a damp cloth.

The velvety cushion is so inviting and is the perfect place to cuddle up with your partner for a glass of sherry in front of the fireplace!

Size Counts

The International Caravan double papasan is really spacious and has the following dimensions:

63 inches in length x 44.5 inches in width x 32 inches in height once assembled.

The double papasan is big enough for two people to sit comfortably or even curl up in together on a movie night. It is definitely big enough for one person to lie down in and take a dreamy nap!

Versatile and Decorative

The double papasan chair will fit into most décor situations quite easily; their funky looks and unique design don’t seem to go out of fashion. The cushions come in a variety of stunning colors to match your home décor theme.

What we liked about the International Caravan double papasan is that it comes in two pieces. The seat framework fits onto the base or pedestal without having to be fixed in place. This means that if you wanted to really lounge out in front of the fireplace, the seat frame can be lifted off the pedestal and placed on the floor for a lower “nest”.

We couldn’t find anything bad to say about this mamasan, except that it’s not portable, because you’ll want to take it with you everywhere!

Conclusion on The Papasan Loveseat

International Caravan keeps to quality of the highest standard and their double papasan chairs come in at a mid-range price compared to other mamasan chairs of similar design.

We loved this double papasan for obvious reasons, versatile, elegant with a classic look and feel as well as being well priced. It will look and feel awesome in any home.