Do Daybeds Come With a Mattress?

If you’re shopping for a daybed online, it can be surprisingly difficult to get an answer to such a simple question…

Do daybeds come with a mattress? In 99% of cases, twin daybeds don’t come with a mattress and you’ll need to order one additionally. Narrow twin daybeds, however, sometimes have a mattress included.

To prove my point, here’s a list of the most popular twin daybeds on Amazon along with confirmation that none of them come with a mattress included:


Daybed Name Mattress
DHP Manilla Not Included
Zinus Suzanne Not Included
Novogratz Majesty Not Included
Little Seeds Ambrosia Not Included
DHP Sophia Not Included
Little Seeds Valentina Not Included
Zinus Eden Not Included

When is a Mattress Included With a Daybed?

Narrow Twin Zinus Daybeds on Amazon

A narrow twin is 75″ x 30″ and a regular twin is 75″ x 39″. This is quite narrow for sleeping so this means it’s mostly for sitting on.

There are a few of these narrow twin Daybeds on Amazon that actually do include a mattress (albeit a narrow 30″ model):

Our favorite is the Zinus Narrow Twin with Mattress Included.

It can also be used for kids and the occasional adult guest sleeping over (as long as they’re a small guest) but I wouldn’t put a sleepover guest on a narrow twin… It’s just a bit too narrow.


Since Zinus makes really great mattresses at a very affordable price, it ensures that the overall price of the daybed with the mattress included isn’t bad at all.

Even in their narrow twin memory foam mattresses, Zinus puts the same love and care into their products as they would in their twin mattress designs.

The Wayfair Option

At Wayfair, there’s an entire section for daybeds that include mattresses. This makes it possible for the manufacturer to create a mattress in the same style as the daybed, tying it in visually for a more “complete” look. (The problem is, you can’t choose the mattress you’d prefer and are left with the one they choose for you.)


These mattresses are often button-tucked, trimmed or have Argyle patterns sewn in for decoration. The style and color of the mattress fabric can also be made to match the upholstered fabric of the daybed. This is something that would be impossible if you ordered your mattress separately.

Another very important factor is that most of the Wayfair options are also Narrow Twins!

When You Should Choose Your Own Mattress

Every person is different and has different preferences as well as what they’ll be using their daybed for. Let’s explore some of those factors and the choices that arise from them. Also see our best daybeds for adults review.

More for Sitting?

In that case, the mattresses that are automatically included by Wayfair aren’t too bad. For the most part, they match the daybed’s style perfectly and offer a quick and easy way to ensure that the mattress fits (and suits) the daybed perfectly.

They tend to come in a variety of styles with some being ultra-smooth or suede designs and others with upholstered patterns. Either way, they’re good for sitting, but not too great for sleeping on.

Regular Sleeping

If you’ll be using your daybed to sleep on every day, you’ll want to be very sure to get a great sleeping mattress. This is very different from the included mattresses you’ll get from Wayfair.

A good memory foam mattress makes a much better sleeping solution than a “built-in” mattress. That’s literally what it’s been designed for and you can’t go wrong with choosing a good one.

Future Replacement

At some point in the future, you may want to replace the mattress. If your daybed came with a mattress, it might be very difficult to match the same look with a custom mattress bought years later. This would be another primary reason for buying your daybed and your mattress separately.

What’s The Difference in Price?

Buying Separately

  • The average popular metal twin daybed costs around $100 to $150
  • If you combine that with a standard twin daybed mattress of around $150
  • Your total spend will be around $300

That’s for a great daybed and an excellent mattress that you can sit or sleep on for years.

Buying Together

  • A Zinus Narrow Twin including a mattress might cost around $150 to $250 depending on the model
  • Wayfair’s daybeds with mattresses included range from around  $600 to $3000!

Buying Verdict

Either way you look at it, buying separately is more cost-effective, especially given that the combo options are only available in narrow twin models.


I honestly believe that you should be choosing your own mattress for comfort, replaceability, cost-effectiveness, and overall versatility.

Plus, it looks like if you’re looking for a regular twin daybed size daybed, you’ll have no choice but to order the mattress separately!