Daybed Living Room Ideas

Given the overall impact a daybed makes on a living room, you can’t simply consider it on its own. When considering daybed living room ideas, it’s best to try and tie together the whole theme of the space. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an out-of-place-daybed that looks like it doesn’t belong anywhere near your living room.

But, if you can bring together the style, practicality, and functionality of the daybed so that it blends harmoniously with the rest of the room, you’ve just opened up a world of possibilities for decor inspiration as well as adding extra comfortable and practical sleeping space for guests and sleepovers.

Let’s explore some incredibly unique daybed living room inspiration to help you find the perfect style for your home. You’ll find some more options you can buy online, here.

Scandanavian Hygge Living Room

This daybed perfectly compliments the simple, repeating Scandanavian patterns. The muted colors serve to emphasize the space’s comfort as a whole, rather than looking like separate pieces being tied together. Natural materials work very well for the Hygge feel while the thickness of the materials will promote a sense of warmth and coziness.


Daybed Without a Frame

Who said you need a frame. Two futon style mattresses layered on top of one another can be just high enough for you to find the perfect seating and sleeping area in your living room.


Daybed Suitcase Storage

Depending on your theme. You can find matching suitcases and baskets to store cushions and other living room items below your daybed. Remember to match the overall theme with the suitcases too. It will help tie the whole look together.


Stark Living Room

A daybed doesn’t always have to match the other furniture or theme of the room… You can make the daybed the theme! By placing a striking daybed front-and-center with little to no surrounding decor, the daybed becomes the centerpiece of the living room. This creates a truly unique and striking visual impact.


Add a Touch of Capri

Corals and turquoise colors match the bamboo daybed frame while flowing curtains invite a gentle breeze through the window. You may as well be in a villa in Capri, relaxing in the lazy mid-morning.


Framing the Daybed with Plants

Plants make the perfect visual frame for a daybed and do well to replace the need for side tables (visually). You can opt for matching pots or complementary colors like the picture below. Also, look how two thinner mattresses have been combined as a layered sleeping surface to add to the feel of comfort and visual depth. The daybed cushions with some plant patterns help to finally tie it all together into a beautiful living room scene.


Wheels or Casters for a Loft Style Living Room

Casters (whether they roll or not) create an industrial loft-style look to the daybed. If you have tall NYC loft-windows, rolling casters as the feet of your daybed say, this can be moved around as the space transforms.  “Today it’s a living room, tomorrow an art gallery.”



Simple Pallet Frame

Pallets, new or worn will work perfectly for a daybed in a rustic living room. Hessian cushions and roughly stitched ottomans bind it together along with weathered paint techniques on side tables. A rustic old door ends of the design as the perfect backrest while making the design look less home-made and more like it came from a rustic decor catalog.


Filling Narrow Walls

If you have oddly shaped walls or narrow spaces that need filling, you can build a simple daybed frame out of wood and make it fit the space perfectly. By excluding a backrest, the daybed becomes a versatile furniture item that can be made specifically the unique wall shape.


Slanted Ceiling in Living Rooms

Just as with the previous example, a daybed can be made to fit awkward spaces because they can be as low or as narrow as the space dictates. Especially without a backrest. Just remember to always compliment the daybed by adding the right cushions and decor items.


Rose Gold Chic

Nothing says classy chic like reflective mirror-like surfaces. This is especially true with rose-gold since the theme of off-pink combined with whites and earthy beiges carries a taste of elegance throughout the entire room. Mix it up with dusky pinks and other copper or gold throws for a complete look.


Retro Pastels

Bring back the soft tones of the 50s with turquoise and pinks that wrap around a clean white canvass of comforters fit for a queen. Don’t forget how much a matching rug can add to the overall look of a daybed room. Especially when you’re planning to use it as a bed often and would like to get in and out with soft, clean feet.


Ornate Rattan Daybed with Islandy Feel

This daybed looks like it came straight from the Cape Verde islands with semi-tropical materials and tropical plants for accent. The woven cushions and rush perfectly compliment the rustic beach style daybed that has been fashioned from bamboo. A single color of light blue/ turquoise is all that’s needed to complete the theme.



DIY Pallet Daybed Theme

A Pallet daybed need not look home-made. By adding rusted copper or steel pots as decoration and an old door for a backrest, you’re creating a look that’s straight out a magazine.


Moroccan Den Daybed

With distressed blue walls and rough, natural fabrics, this Moroccan themed daybed room is more beautiful than it is functional. Colored glass bottles and matching purples and golds take you through the streets of Marrakech down to a cozy den where the locals drink their tea.


Native American Teepee Covered Daybed

This daybed themed living room might be a little over the top but it is unmistakably Native American (with a little creative liberty thrown in).


A Mid-century Modern Daybed Living Room

Mid-century is always carried by the thin legs on the furniture which seem delicate enough to look stylish but need to also carry the weight of the item. The stretched look creates a stark, flat design contrasted by the circle cushions and circles in the wall art and ceiling lamp. Then finish it off with clearly mid-century modern colors in the walls, ceilings and coffee tables.


Middle Eastern Daybed Look

A Middle Eastern look with fewer colors and more cushioning takes you to a dusty Egypt or Jordan where you can cool off on a hot day as the breeze whispers through your living room. A few mixed rugs will help create the organized chaos that’s needed to wrap up this design.


Unimstakenly Istanbul Daybed Living Room

The colored cushions are trumped only by the colorful glass lamps and Turkish rug. Fine wood carving into the daybed frame makes this an especially nice look. A matching coffee table compliments the daybed along with floor baskets and a myriad of plants.



Gold and Copper  Arabian Themed Living Room

A hanging daybed (from gold-painted chains no less) with an ornate, red parasol, swings in front of a decorative middle eastern mirror with black and silver inserts. Copper trays play a big part in tying together this daybed theme.


Girls Living Room and Daybed

Not all living rooms are for grown-ups!. Here’s a classic take on a girl’s living room with a couch daybed that acts perfectly as a bed. Sweet colors and even sweeter framed posters with furry pink pillows and pom-poms form a striking picture along with the decorative wall frames.


Young Lady Living Room

Just a little older and you can add some paintings of Paris with mirrored side table beside the upholstered daybed. Flowers are sewn into the duvet cover take you to the French streets to enjoy your own little piece of romantic Europe.


Classic Upmarket Daybed Living Room

Luxurious finished and expensive (looking) furniture and paintings can make the perfect back-drop to a stylishly simple daybed. The rolled arm-rest pillows are a nice touch while the massive floor rug screams money.


DIY Daybed Reading Corner

Instead of Side-tables, a stack of books will make sure everyone knows, this is a reading space. The frame can as simple as possible with a quality mattress over. Wallpaper from your favorite novel will help complete the effect.