Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover for Teens


Sleepovers are officially on the map, with the 9th of May being declared National Sleepover Day. But there’s no reason to wait to get your party started. Roll out those trundle bed mattresses and make a few calls, it’s time to get your squad together and celebrate spontaneous sleepovers. Turn up the volume by planning … Read more

Best Mirrored Chest of Drawers


Nothing says Hollywood glam like a shiny and flashy vanity set. Visions pass through the mind, a movie set with a showgirl’s dressing room and a mirror surrounded by lights above a reflective chest of drawers for all those fancy clothes and make-up! The bling of Hollywood appeals to so many people out there and … Read more

Best Kids Vanity Table Set for Little Girls


There is an element of playfulness, elegance, and overall grace about vanity makeup sets. When it comes to your little girl, you want them to feel confident about the way they look and have fun while doing it. With a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials to choose from, choosing a kids’ dressing table … Read more

Best Mid Century Modern Side Table Review


Sometimes we have a yearning to bring that classic vintage or retro feel back into our bedroom. Nowadays everything has become so artificial, with lots of synthetics and plastics involved. To be honest, modern day living has started to lack the soul and tradition of days gone by. Luckily there are a few design companies … Read more

Best Canopy Bed for Little Girls


It’s one of those things that can bring both charm and elegance to any room. A long time ago, the wealthy would invest large sums of money to have their princess beds custom carved from rare, sturdy woods. Today, little girl canopy beds are a luxurious item shared by many, bringing a sense of sophistication … Read more

Mid Century Modern Dresser


The 50’s are synonymous with style and sex appeal. It was a time that introduced the world to colored TV and glamorous movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis Presley. The perfect mid century dresser can be the ultimate statement piece needed to transform a space, like a bedroom or entrance hall. It’s … Read more