What is a Daybed Used For?


With the myriad of multifunctional beds and couches available today, you might be wondering: “What’s the point of a daybed?” To truly understand the purpose of a daybed, we’ll need to do more than dig into its functionality and design. What is a daybed used for? The Purpose of a daybed is a comfortable seating … Read more

Daybed Living Room Ideas


Given the overall impact a daybed makes on a living room, you can’t simply consider it on its own. When considering daybed living room ideas, it’s best to try and tie together the whole theme of the space. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an out-of-place-daybed that looks like it doesn’t belong anywhere near your living … Read more

How High is a Daybed?


We needed to know whether we could store some bins under our daybed so the height limit was important. We even considered adding a trundle bed underneath later. I also wanted to know how high the seating and sleeping surface would be. After looking at several different daybed models, this is what we found out… … Read more

Can Daybeds be Used Everyday as a Normal Bed?

can daybeds be used everyday

Our space is often limited and I was wondering if you could actually use a daybed to sit on in the day and then sleep on every night. We did some research and here’s what we found. Can daybeds be used every day? Absolutely, you can sit and sleep on a daybed every day, but … Read more

Bedroom Ideas for 21 Year Old Female


How you dress is a form of expression, and how you dress your bedroom, is no different. Decorating your bedroom allows your self-expression to seep into the space where you spend many hours of your day. At 21, you are entering a brand new and exciting era of your life, and it’s time to put … Read more

Is Sleeping Without a Pillow Good For Your Hair?


We’ve all gone to bed with slightly damp hair. I never thought it even made a difference, but the science says otherwise. Is Sleeping Without a Pillow Good For Your Hair? The wrong pillow can cause unnecessary friction and poor sleep patterns, not to mention some pillow covers are made from tougher materials than others. … Read more