Are Daybeds Comfortable to Sleep on and Sit on?


If you’re thinking about buying a new daybed and aren’t sure if it’s the right choice, this is the right article. We’ll explore how comfortable a daybed is and what can be done to improve it. Are Daybeds Comfortable? Daybeds are a little less comfortable than couches to sit on and a little less comfortable … Read more

What Size are Daybeds?


Daybed sizes can seem confusing at first, especially if you’re trying to buy a mattress or bedding for your daybed. Perhaps you just need to know where it will fit in your home or if you’ll be comfortable enough sleeping on it.  In this article, we’ll explore all these questions and more. What size are … Read more

Do Daybeds Need Special Bedding?


Personally I’ve never been 100% sure of this so I decided to dig deep into the pros and cons of using special daybed bedding vs normal bedding on my daybed. This is what I found… Do daybeds need special bedding? While daybeds don’t absolutely need special bedding, a daybed bedding set is specifically designed to … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Daybed and a Twin Bed?


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Do Daybeds Come With a Mattress?


If you’re shopping for a daybed online, it can be surprisingly difficult to get an answer to such a simple question… Do daybeds come with a mattress? In 99% of cases, twin daybeds don’t come with a mattress and you’ll need to order one additionally. Narrow twin daybeds, however, sometimes have a mattress included. To … Read more

Do Daybeds Need Box Springs?


If you’re shopping for a daybed or a new mattress, you might be wondering is something is missing. Do you need a box spring for a daybed? Box springs are not necessary on daybeds since the daybed frame itself provides adequate support for your mattress. The extra space below the frame can be used for … Read more