Can Two Adults Sleep on a Twin Bed?

In this article we’ll look at a couple sleeping in twin bed together and if it’s practical, comfortable or downright impossible.

Can Two Adults Sleep on a Twin Bed? Not really. Of course it’s possible but unless you’re both really small, it will be a nightmare. As side sleepers, you would have to either synchronize each time you turn over. Back sleepers might have a better chance but you’ll still have to sleep like a straight log. If the one person is a side sleeper and the other is a back sleeper, you may actually be able to pull it off.

I feel that if you’re reading this, you already know how uncomfortable sleeping on a twin mattress together with your partner will be.

But for the sake of science, let’s explore all the evidence (as well as some experiential guesswork) as to what is possible and what isn’t. (Also see the best twin mattress for adults review.)

Average Adult Body Width


In the United States, the average man has a shoulder with of 16 inches (41 cm) while the average woman has 14 inches (36 cm). Together, this totals 30 inches (76 cm) side-by-side with no room for movement.

Twin beds are 38 inches (96.5 cm) wide.

In theory, the average man and woman couple can lie together, side-by-side on a twin bed and have 8 inches extra room to spare.


Unfortunately, sleeping is pretty untheoretical. There’s rolling, twisting, turning and kicking as your body adjusts to remain comfortable throughout the night. The average person moves around 13 times per night, while some people can even reach 100!

Can you Cuddle on a Twin Bed?

Cuddling, on the other hand, is a very different question.

Cuddling with your partner (and other extra-curricular activities) can be performed in a surprising number of awkward and tiny spaces. You wouldn’t have to be very comfortable for very long, as is the case with a full night’s sleep. In fact, most of us know this from our teenage years.


As an actual adult however, you would still be many times more comfortable in a bed made for two people than a twin bed. This way you would even be able to cuddle and smooch, then drift into slumber or even fall asleep completely and roll over onto your side of the bed. All this isn’t really possible in a twin bed. Cuddling however, can certainly be done on a twin bed.

There are 4 major types of sleepers. How you combine each of these matters, a lot…

2 Side Sleepers on a Single Twin

Side sleepers will have to start on one side and synchronize “flips” throughout the night. Hopefully, both adults have a similar sleep cycle and neither are too restless or too frozen either. According to opinions which were gathered in no scientific way whatsoever, this is the most workable way two adults can share a twin bed comfortably.

1 Back & 1 Side Sleeper on a Single Twin

Coming in at the second best option, having one adult sleep on the back while the other one sleeps sideways with their head, arm or leg on-top of the other’s chest is quite OK. This is surprisingly doable, especially for shorter naps and younger couples.

The side sleeper can even occasionally move to the other side of the bed to essentially flip over without disturbing the back sleeper all that much.

2 Back Sleepers on a Single Twin

As discussed earlier, two back sleepers is a terrible combination. Be prepared to sleep like two adult mummies who aren’t allowed to move their arms. The lack of edge support on the mattress will leave you constantly feeling like you’ll roll of your side of the twin bed.

If you do manage to fall asleep, one of you will most likely be the dominant sleeper, leaving the other one completely helpless while they fight for space.

Any Stomach Sleeper Adults on a Twin Bed

Basically, just forget about it. Either you’re poking them in the face with your elbow, or they’re being suffocated into their pillow. Adult stomach sleepers can’t share a twin bed with anyone.

Why Is this Even a Thing?

With how uncomfortable it is for a couple to share a single twin bed, you may be wondering why it’s even a thing people consider. There are much better options for adult sleepover guests. A trundle bed is a good compact option while adult bunk beds are also pretty darn fun. Alternatively you can explore so clever ways to make a twin bed bigger.