Best Breakfast Nook Cushion Sets

Eating is not just about putting fuel in our bodies, its about sharing moments and bringing people together. What better way is there than sitting around a cozy, comfortable table. Mealtime is one time where families get to synchronize schedules and enjoy time together.

If you have a breakfast nook that never seems to be used for more than a minute, chances are it’s missing a key ingredient, and as a result, you’re missing out on special family moments.

Comfort is key! Kitchen nook cushions are a simple but sweeping solution to getting friends and family to settle in long after mealtime is finished.

We have included two of the best breakfast nook cushion sets to upgrade your kitchen. They’re not just functional, they look great, and create a comfortable and welcoming area to bring folks together.

Greendale Kitchen Cushion Set for Sale


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The Greendale 4 piece set is the perfect solution to plush up the seating around your breakfast table. The 2 inch thick pillows are overstuffed to ensure they are extra comfortable.

They are made of 100% Nylon Microfibre which makes it easy to spot clean when needed. It has a non-skid bottom to prevent it from slipping.

The seating arrives slightly compressed, but plump up to their full size after a day or two.

It comes in 6 colors so you can match it up with the look of your kitchen. You can choose from chocolate, burgundy, cream, denim, moss or scarlet. Darker colors may be best if you have young kids and want to hide small stains. If you have pets, pet hair can easily be removed with a lint brush.

Pillow Dimensions

  • Thickness: 2″
  • Short Bench: 24″ L x 15″ W
  • Long Bench: 40″ L x 15″ W
  • Trestle Bench: 40″ L x 12″ W
  • Center Corner: 26″ Across the back x 15″ Deep

Linon & Emily Breakfast Nook Corner Bench Cushions


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Like the Greendale cushion set, these are made of Microfiber so they can be spot cleaned, or you can remove the covers if they need a good machine clean. These bench cushions are made to fit the Linon Chelsea Nook, but they also fit similar sets, including the Emily Breakfast Nook from Kmart. Check dimensions below to ensure they fit your set.

This 4 piece set only comes in beige, but the neutral tone makes it easy to tie in with almost any kitchen color scheme. It especially looks good on wood. They add that essential comfort and warmth to hard wooden surfaces.

These are great for families with young children as the covers can be removed, making cleaning so much easier. The Greendale set can only be spot cleaned and can’t be machine washed.

Banquette Cushion Dimensions

  • Thickness: 1.97″
  • Short Bench: 27.56″L x 14.76″W
  • Long Bench: 43.39″L x 14.76″W
  • Trestle Bench: 43.31″L x 12.01″ W (Support straps to help hold the pillow in place)
  • Center Corner: 27.09″ Across the Back x 15.35″ Deep

Linon Chelsea 4 Piece PVC Nook Pillows


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If you are looking for comfortable seating with wipe-down convenience, then the PVC Linon 4 piece set will work a charm. It comes in a dark brown (almost black) PVC finish and will save you the effort of washing the covers. Simply wipe down when needed, and your corner is instantly presentable and ready for round two.

Cushion dimensions as above.

Styling Your Kitchen Corner Banquette

Breakfast corners are a genius way to maximize limited space and turn it into a beautifully functional area. It doesn’t take much to turn this space into a warm and inviting spot to enjoy mealtimes.

  1. Add color by adding stylish accent pillows to your base cushions. Select patterns or contrasting colors to add interest. To tie the look together, ensure the scatter pillows colors complement your corner cushions or have a dash of the same color in the design.
  2. Add flowers to bring in natural beauty to the room. Flowers in the center of the table will make it look charming and welcoming. A fruit bowl also works the same magic.
  3. To tie your nook in with the rest of the kitchen, use similar decor elements in both areas.
  4. If your corner setup is near a window, ensure blinds don’t darken the corner but allow every bit of natural light in.
  5. Adding a floor rug helps define the area and warm it up in winter.
  6. Keep it simple. Avoid cluttering the area. If you have to clear the space every time you want to use it, chances are you’ll avoid the area completely.

DIY How to Upholster a Bench

If you want to save some money, you could try creating your own cushions…