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I’m Bianca, a writer and editor at and the resident expert in all things, sleep, mattress, decor, and bedroom design. My expertise is hard won through 21 years of service in the home decor and design space, working with some of the top names in the industry.

I’m currently living in Austria, where I consult online with local businesses and private clients on home design and furniture layout for small bedrooms and living areas. My knowledge of mattresses and various types of beds including trundles and sleeper sofas is a direct result of client work.

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I’ve also written for many high-end publications and websites in the industry. – Guide to Choosing a Mattress for a Child – Make Holiday Guests More Comfortable

Mattress Expert

My journey into the home and sleep industry has been a mirror of my life journey.

One of the defining moments was the birth of my son, and along with it, the challenge of getting more sleep. I had gone from being a deep sleeper who woke up refreshed and driven, to a very tired individual whose highest priority was getting more sleep.

Sleepless nights had become my living nightmare. A question I repeatedly asked with tears of frustration, “Why am I not sleeping?” In the case of new parents, the answer is clear, but what about insomnia, night frights, overactive adrenals, sleep apnea, allergy sufferers, sleep regression and the list goes on? If you’ve had to fight any of these fights, you know the agony of the problem.

There had to be a solution, and so my waking hours became my research time in an effort to secure my sleeping hours.

Mattress research was not initially high on my list of priorities. At first, I was looking for a cause for my son’s poor sleep patterns and it was a real concern. If my health was deteriorating because of exhaustion, could he not be suffering the same effects?

And so began my journey of sleep discovery and healing through sleep.

Textile and Interior Design

In 1995, I started my career as a graphic designer in the print industry. I was fortunate to meet and work with many of the top designers in the country, having started in textile design under the invaluable, yet strict guidance of Wolfie Pimpsien of Skipper International. Through his connections in the clothing industry, I was soon creating fabric designs and storyboards for the Edcon Group.

As digital design was new to the industry at the time, I was commissioned to create style boards for top names and brands, including Chris Levin, Archie Leggit, Jo Borkett, and Blyth Motz.

From Textiles to Home Fashion

In 2000, I started my own design company, been very fortunate to have many of my existing clients follow me.

From my first apartment at age 18, where budget constraints were very real, I never allowed this to limit my creativity, there was always a way to reinvent or re-purpose something less wonderful into the perfect addition to my home.

Every space had potential, and any piece of furniture that was mildly salvageable, found a happy place where it belonged.

Coming from a country where space is abundant allowed for experimentation and grand plans. The decor was not limited to indoor spaces but included the landscaping of large gardens and water features.

Moving Abroad

Traveling opened my mind up to new styles and forms even further. Asia introduced a large shift in my perspective. Spaces were significantly smaller, yet still had to provide the same basic needs and comfort. Furniture could be used in multiple ways and this fueled my creative juices.

Multipurpose furniture became my new obsession. Cupboards that became beds, beds that became chairs and chairs that became storage. Trundles, daybeds, bunk beds with storage drawers, there was no limit.

Professional organizing taught me to take advantage of available space and get rid of clutter. But along with some shortcuts, comfort often took second place, especially in the bedroom. These “compromises” resulted once more in poor sleep and sore bodies.

As quality mattresses were not always available, the need for alternatives became yet another challenge to conquer.

Instead of being limited to what was in stores, where I had to settle for what was in stock, I went online to find exactly what I wanted.

The hunt for the best mattress for each unique need has become my mission. Size, weight, comfort, support or specialized materials are what I share with my readers.

I hope to be a helpful source of information that can help you sort through the volumes of data available on the internet.