Best Twin Mattress for Adults Who Love Sleep

There’s a growing trend of adults who prefer sleeping on a twin bed. There are several reasons why it’s becoming the preferred choice for so many grownups. Whether it’s for house guests, tight spaces with the need for multiple beds in one room or restless sleeping partners, you’ll find the very best twin mattress for adults right here in this review.

Why Would an Adult Sleep on a Twin Mattress?

Space Saving Benefits

As apartments are getting smaller, the need to conserve every inch of space becomes paramount. A twin bed offers a dramatic saving in space over a full bed. Awkward room layouts can also be optimized much better as you can move the twin beds around separately to fill the unique space.

How to arrange 2 twin beds in small rooms depends on the dimensions, but having the option to push beds against opposite walls allows easy access for two people, and a shared nightstand finishes off the look beautifully.

Reduced Disturbance from Your Sleeping Partner

Perhaps you simply prefer snoozing undisturbed because your partner is a restless sleeper. If your sleeping partner is a night owl and you’re an early riser, you may enjoy the solitude of your own twin bed for that extra little bit of undisturbed peace. This doesn’t mean that you’re sleeping in separate rooms mind you… just that you both have your own twin beds which aren’t affected by each other. You also have the unique advantage of not sharing any blankets!

Of course, you can move the two twin beds as close or as far apart as you want. That’s the really awesome thing about it.

Planning a long road trip together with overnight stops? A twin bedroom hotel is the best way to ensure you’re well rested for a day on the road. Two beds in one small room will also be easy on your travel budget.

Moving Back in With the Parents

Lastly, you may just be temporarily moving back in with the parents as you get back on your feet. It doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. For a relatively small cost, you won’t have to sleep on your old childhood mattress. Your adult body will love you for it!

Whatever your reason, we have curated the very best twin mattresses for adults based on comfort, quality and overall value.


Top Rated Twin Mattress for Adults


1. Zinus Green Tea  – The Softer Choice

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It’s really comfortable and offers a pretty decent saving. There are 3 individual layers of foam starting with the base layer, followed by pressure relief foam and finally the top layer of high-quality memory foam.

Furthermore, the top layer of memory foam is infused with their “Green Tea” technology which fights of bacteria and odors which might build up over time.

Being softer, it tends to form a gentle caress around your body as you sleep. There are a few people who have felt that the foam was a little too soft but this comes down to personal preference. It also tends to happen in warmer climates as the heat might affect the memory foam.

2. Signature Sleep  – Firm Mattress for Adults

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Signature sleep is better known for its firmness. The sleeping surface still has the same pressure relieving qualities as its competitors but with a firmer level of support. It completely avoids the marshmallow effect and also sleeps a little cooler for the very same reason.

Heavier sleepers will appreciate the firmer surface too.

The breathable encasing adds to the coolness and you’ll be happy you got it on a hot California evening.

A further advancement in heat regulation is the charcoal infused memory foam which draws moisture away from your body while you sleep.

3. Modway Aveline – Best Value for Money

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Our very best reason for getting the Lucid is the price. If you’re on a tight budget but want the same level of comfort, support, design and overall sleep quality, the Lucid is the closest thing you’ll get to perfect.

They are well known for their quality workmanship and long lasting products. From the simple two layer construction to the high quality TENCEL fabric cover, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s 3 times the price!

The Lucid allows you to choose your desired firmness. You can choose between Firm, Medium and Medium-Plush options depending on your weight and preference. You can even find a fair middle ground with your partner if you have very different mattress choices.

Why Choose Memory Foam?


Coil Springs Aren’t Great

Simply put, spring coils are outdated and don’t create an even, long lasting base support. Soon you’ll feel the springs poking you in the ribs while you sleep.

Traditional Foam Mattresses Suck

Traditional foam collapses over time and doesn’t adapt well to varying pressure points across the body.

Latex is Outdated & Unnecessary

Natural Latex comes close as it offers a dynamic support surface with good ventilation and environmentally responsible material. Unfortunately, it’s very heavy and overpriced for what you get. There’s simply a better option…

A Memory Foam Twin Mattress is Your Best Option

Memory foam is a cost effective middle ground with dedicated layers of firmness, each designed specifically for the unique shape and design of the human body.

Deeper layers promote spinal alignment by allowing hips and shoulders to sink in a little more than legs and other lighter areas. Soft, adaptive surface layers promote further alignment and comfort by cushioning pressure points as you move around while sleeping.

It’s for this reason that our review focuses mainly on memory foam mattresses over alternative options.

How to Shop for a Twin Mattress Online


Check the Trial Period

Manufacturers usually allow a 3 month trial period. This means you can return the mattress at no cost and get a full refund on your purchase. 3 months is good but doesn’t allow you to test the mattress out in every season.

You get to feel what your bed feels like in the middle of summer and winter; and when you’re done using it for a whole year, you can return it for free and get your full purchase price back! This is not only a testament to their confidence in their product but also that they really care about their customer’s happiness and really put them first.

Read Online Reviews

Read as many online reviews as you can before making your decision. It will give you the best overview of the product before you buy. Thankfully we have not only tested the products but also done the research for you by reading hundreds of comments from other customers who have bought these products. You can rest assured that any mattress from the selection above is a sound choice for an adult twin mattress.

Shop for the Best Price

Shopping online can be daunting with the same products being offered at different prices across the web. We’ve curated a list of great deals from various sources to ensure you get the best mattress for your money.

For the most part, there’s a sliding scale with the top choice being a little more expensive than the secondary options. If you can afford it, you should go with the best mattress you can afford. Remember, you’ll be spending around of third of your life sleeping and it should be a happy place that you love returning to each night. (You can always return it if it’s not the perfect fit.)


Initially, the idea of a grownup sleeping on a twin bed might sound weird, but with a little bit of research, the benefits can far outweigh the drawbacks. Now it’s just a matter of finding the right product…

Let’s be honest, you can read all the reviews in the world but nothing will compare to actually sleeping on the mattress. The no-risk trial period is what makes buying a pricey item online much easier. In fact, this is much better than simply lying down for 2 minutes in a mattress store and testing the product there. You actually get to sleep on it and see how it performs over time.

There’s simply no reason you shouldn’t go ahead and try it out. If you can afford the higher price, go for it.

We’ve also done some more research on whether two adults can share a twin mattress as well as some twin bed ideas for small bedrooms.