Best Resin Wicker Chairs of 2022

Resin is one of those designs that bring out the natural setting when relaxing outdoors. It’s modern, yet it has a timeless feel and can make a simple patio feel like a Balinese Villa or a Luxury Beach Hotel.

Unfortunately, organic Resin is not very weather resistant and breaks down over time. It’s made with materials like Rattan and Bamboo which are more susceptible to damage since they absorb water and moisture.

We want to find out which is the best Resin Wicker Chairs and synthetic alternatives are.

But, Before We Begin, Let’s Clear Up Some Common Misconceptions…

What is the Difference Between Wicker, Rattan and Resin?

What is Wicker?

Wicker is an age-old technique used to weave flexible twigs like Willow, Bamboo and Rattan into a strong construction used for furniture.

What is Rattan?

Rattan is a plant, not unlike the Palm tree. The thinner branches can be “stripped” to create extremely durable strands.

What is Resin?

Resin is a compound of synthetic materials (like silicone or plastic) which can be manufactured as a flexible strand to resemble nature materials like Rattan.

What is a Resin Wicker Chair?

A Resin Wicker Chair is a chair made with synthetic resin strands, woven into a Wicker-like pattern, to create modern, long lasting furniture that can withstand harsh UV rays and extended exposure the weather.

It is by far the more durable option for outdoor furniture and will outlast natural materials by many years if manufactured correctly.

It’s durability comes from the materials used… artificial compounds such as High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene (PE). It is embedded in aluminum or steel to make it even more durable and weather-resistant. Other, cheaper materials used for synthetic Resin include Polypropylene, PVC and even Nylon.

On this list, we’ve selected the only the strongest and most durable resin options so your patio chairs can enjoy endless summer afternoons in the baking sun or pouring rain, while looking as good as new for years to come.

Let’s Check Out The Absolute Best Options Available…

Top Rated Resin Wicker Chairs You Can Buy Online Right Now

Resin Wicker Armchair



Your summer treat comes early with the Keter Korfu Armchair. It is an incredible make from polypropylene resin making it a great option for the hot months. It is resistant to wear, and the weaving shows some excellent crafting in that will stay put for many years to come. You have a chair that is perfect for your deck as it features an open-weave texture that is resistant to UV or fraying from the weather’s exposure.

It is lightweight and easy to move to help you get that ideal space that works for you. Not to mention, the seat cushion is also weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about it if you keep it in the sun. Cleaning it is super easy since it only requires using white vinegar and water and you have all the plastic parts looking as good as new.


  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort


  • Available in only two colors

Wicker Adirondack Chair



If you have an eye for tasteful designs, then you’ll want to look at the Adirondack Coconino Patio-Sense Chair. It achieves amazing aesthetics for everyone who loves something unique. It comes in an attractive mocha finish to bring in the relaxation mood to your pool and patio the same.

With an all-weather cushion included and no maintenance for the seat, it will give you a smooth time. There’s so much to admire; from the lightweight design to the easy assembly. It is the chair to look at if you want to experience comfort from a whole new level.


  • High-density weaving
  • Scratch and UV resistant
  • Really Comfortable
  • Very Stylish Design
  • Optional Lumbar Pillow can be Included


  • Not available in many colors and different designs

Patio Chair with Storage

patio chair with storage


Capture the outdoor essence with Suncast. This is a brand that shows they value quality and comfort for everyday use. This chair has an 11-gallon built-in storage below the seat lid where you can store pillows and other patio accessories.

It comes in natural earthy colors to get you to relax as you unwind after a long day. It is an all-weather chair, with a construction from high-density resin. We like that you can leave it out all through winter and it stays as good as when you first bring it home.

If you love your deck chair to be unique and represent you as a person, then you can find yourself in this seat. Get it to enjoy a feeling of comfort and fulfillment.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • All-weather protection


  • Does not include a pillow
  • You’ll have to purchase it together with a love seat and a resin wicker table to have a complete look.

Grey Wicker Stacking Chairs

wicker chairs that stack


Del Mar is one of the finest qualities in wicker chairs. This set is in a rich cognac color that helps capture any outdoor décor theme. It is built from highly-dense resin to ensure it does not fade, crack, or unravel. You can leave it outside during the wet months, and you’ll still find it standing when the hot months roll by.

The set comes fully assembled so you won’t be dealing with parts when bringing it together. The frame is powder coated steel which maintains its outer luster for the longest time. You’ll also love that it is comfortable even without a seat cushion. It is your must have to watch the sunset in a serene environment.


  • Does not need assembling
  • They are a set of two, so you only need a wicker table to complete the lounge setting


  • The steel frame makes the seat heavy and challenging to move around

Wicker Rocking Chair



This chair brings out a modern theme with the grand design it brings along. The seat is a true rocker with sure- grip sled footing for maximum stability. The making is of aluminum to keep it lightweight and easily movable. You’ll love that it carries a sweat-wicking neck pillow incorporated in the chair. What’s more, the resin is woven from rattan to create a natural seat that is equally hard to break.

Rattan is a natural vine which grows in the South Eastern jungles of Asia. This seat is molded with lightweight metal to make it sturdy and long-lasting. You’ll like that the back curves to accommodate the natural resting shape, so it is sure to keep you comfortable. Also, you get to reduce your carbon footprint with the rattan inculcated in the engineering. This is the chair to bring your patio that extraordinary appeal.


  • Assembles fast with the super easy instructions
  • Woven from natural fiber and aluminum to improve durability


  • It’s in one color only

Types of Resin Wicker Chair Materials

There are 4 types of materials, each with very different properties.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

This type of resin wicker has the highest tensile strength. It can withstand extreme weather conditions including rain, the sun, snow, and it is scratch and stain resistant.

Polyethylene (PE)

This material is the second in strength after the HDPE. The texture is high-quality, and regarding the number of additives, it can also withstand the outdoor extremities such as the sun’s heat. Like HDPE it is recyclable so you can drop it off with recyclables after many years of use.

Polypropylene Resin Wicker (PP)

Polypropylene is another thermoplastic, recyclable and quite durable as well. It is the kind used in automotive, so you can expect it to be long-lasting. It is stiff and more resistant to staining and chemicals.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC is cheap plastic and is easy to mold. It does not require much energy to make, so it comes at a big bargain. It gets sun burns and loses color with time. Not a great choice for quality patio furniture. This type of resin wicker is also not preferred for indoor use as it produces dangerous fumes in case of a fire.

As you set out to find your next resin wicker chair, it’s important that you keep in mind the materials used, the strength of the wicker and the support system (steel or aluminum). Remember that wicker is a form of weaving so poor quality materials will begin to break at the corners and can begin to unravel.


Many people love the look that resin wicker brings to their outdoor space. We have covered the top-rated designs that will give an elegant appeal to your patio, deck, and inner courtyard. Their resin wicker is high-density, and they all have a weatherproof construction. Any of these chairs will look perfect in the summer sun for years to come.