Best Papasan Chair and Cushion Set of 2019


Papasan chairs originated in islands of Southeast Asia and were made popular in the western world after World War II. They have always been popular because of their unique style and incredible comfort. But lately, they seem to be gaining even more popularity and furniture makers around the world are storming the market with these chairs of all designs and styles.

The Papasan is also known as a moon chair or bowl chair for its obvious nest shape, usually stuffed with a plush and puffy futon-type cushion. They look funky, comfy and are versatile enough to suit most décor themes.

We went and looked for the most versatile styles available today and chose some of the best for you to have a look at.

Rattan Papasan Chair with Twill


In terms of value for money and comfort, the International Caravan is our absolute winner.

It’s quite a bit cheaper than the more plush microsuede options below but the twill/polyester material is perfect for lazing around on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Keeping the white clean might be a little tricky with children or pets around, in which case you should opt for a darker, more natural color below.

Wide Base Chair with Microsuede

rattan papasan

This is the classic traditional Papasan chair, the beautiful Papasan chair frame is made of rattan and has a plush microsuede Papasan cushion. The 8 inch thick microsuede is extraordinarily comfortable and doesn’t lose its puffiness thanks to the unique inner stuffing. The cushion fits perfectly into the 42 inch diameter seat frame, offering a very spacious seat to relax in.

Available in a choice of funky cushion colors, the Brookstone Rattan Papasan chair will fit in anywhere in your home. The solid rattan framework is handmade and stands 32 inches high and has a 42 x 42 inch seat. This product is at the higher end of the price range, but it is a top quality piece of furniture that will serve you well for a lifetime of comfort.

Swivel Papasan

swivel papasan chair

Very similar to the outdoor Papasan featured below, the Home Improvements swivel Papasan chair is also designed for outdoor use. Based on the same design using a synthetic, resin wicker for all-weather durability, this comfy seat will see many years in the outdoors without failure.

The main difference with this styling is that the upper seat can swivel a full 360 degrees on top of the pedestal support, just adding a really awesome element of freedom. It is slightly smaller in size than the first outdoor selection and stands 28 inches high and is 34 by 34 inches in diameter.

The funky blue cushions supplied with this chair seem perfect for a poolside atmosphere. Slightly more expensive, but with the added swivel feature, a 10 dollar difference is worth it.

Outdoor Papasan for Your Patio

outdoor papasan chairThe Kambree outdoor Papasan chair has been created to bring Papasan comfort to your outdoor living space.

It has been manufactured from a resin wicker/rattan, keeping with the traditional look but solving the problem of sun damage and weather resistance. No need to worry about brittle sun faded wicker anymore, you can be assured that this product will last for many years exposed to the elements outdoors.

A plush 7 inch thick, dual sided cushion made from polyester fabric finishes it off perfectly. The Papasan chair cushion can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth if it collects dust or takes a spill at the family barbeque.

The 38 inch by 33 inch seat stands 36 inches tall and is slightly smaller than the previous selection in the list, but is still spacious enough and has a carrying capacity of 250 pounds.

Real value for money and the durable quality makes this our favorite pick for outdoor living. Read the full review.

Double Papasan Chair Frame Set (Mamasan)

double papasan chair mamasan

International Caravan took the Papasan and turned it into the mamasan, or two seat Papasan chair.

This double Papasan cushion and chair makes it possible to put together a lounge suite with Papasan’s of different sizes. Made from beautiful natural rattan, the double fits in perfectly as a good quality and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture in any living space.

The plush and comfortable cushion fits the framework to a tee, and they come in a variety of really trendy colors. This was the biggest two seater we found and it is 63 inches in length x 44.5 inches in width x 32 inches in height, making it big enough as a place for a full grown adult to take a dreamy afternoon nap in.

Top quality and mid-range price make this one of our favorites. Read the full review.

Folding Papa San Camping

folding papasan camping chair

Urban Shop took the Papa san concept and turned it into a brilliant portable and lightweight design that suits people on the move.

It has a tubular framework similar to those seen on many camping Papasan chairs, allowing it to be folded flat for convenient storage or travel. This is not a true Papasan, however, the cushion and nest shaped seat are just as comfortable, the only real difference being the folding framework.

They made their folding chair nice and spacious with a length of 37 inches and width and height of 30 inches, big enough for an adult to curl up in its inviting bowl.

Really great value for money makes the Urban Shop folding Papasan chair is perfect for camping, students and travelers. Read the full review.

Hanging Chair

hanging chair

The Finebaby hanging Papasan chair is a really cool concept and the design is based on the same nest shaped seat as a true papasan, but with the capability of hanging from the rafters.

Created for babies and toddlers, the hanging design is handcrafted from 100% natural cotton rope that has been woven macramé style around two steel hoops. The dimension of the larger hoop is 31.9 inches in diameter and the lower hoop is 19.7 inches in diameter, making it the smallest sized seat on our list.

The Finebaby makes the ideal cradle for a baby to sleep in or for a toddler to chill out in.  Its decorative, classic looks will brighten any corner of the house and will be a real talking point for other young moms who visit your home.

This one is really suitable for adults because of its smaller size but is a perfect addition to a growing household. Read the full review.

Papasan Style Ideas

Color It Up


Part of the new Boho Chic movement is the incredible bursts of colors that can be added to a room. The easiest way to do this is by including throw pillows to the area on top, and around it.

Don’t hold back. Sure, you can use complementary colors to keep it classic, but why not go with bursts of pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple and green. You could also make sure that the textures and patterns are wildly different to add to the boho feel. This is especially true if you have a plain pillow like beige or white.

You can instantly brighten up an area in minutes with this easy trick.

Layer It Up


Adding throw blankets with similar tones will add a feeling of luxury. It’s already the plushest seat you can find, so adding another layer of “plushness” will take it to a completely new level of style.

An old chair will look almost brand new instantly. Wool, cotton and fleece are great layering options while alternatives include faux minks and crocheted throws.

Consider Hanging


If the base has taken a beating over the years but the “bowl” is stool in a good condition, you could simply hang it from a strong tree branch outside or even a stable beam inside the house. Hanging it adds a whole new dynamic because you essentially have an indoor swing.

There are few things in this world as absurdly comfortable as a hanging chair.

Create a Canopy

For some peace and quiet, add a canopy over the hanging ropes. If the chair isn’t hanging, you could attach the canopy to corners of a room above it.

Buyers Guide

Which one is right for me?

This question depends really on what you want a Papasan for.

If you are looking at furnish a living or lounging area with them, then you will not regret looking at the International caravan double seater and the Rattan design by Brookstone. These two designs are timeless and elegant, both having the quality and decorative appeal to make them permanent furnishings in the house. Both of these fit into the higher price bracket on the list, but are value for money considering the quality and purpose of the furniture.

For the patio, pool or garden area you will be quite pleased to own either the outdoor swivel style or the Kambree outdoor design. Both are specifically made from materials to withstand the elements outdoors and are low maintenance too. The outdoor swivel model takes our vote for its swivel feature at about the same price as the Kambree.

Value for money and durable quality make these two brands a great choice to furnish your outdoor space.

The hanging Papasan is perfect for babies and young kids. Why not make the kids happy by hanging one of these in the kids playroom or in the baby room for baby to sleep in during the day.

The folding style is in a league of its own and is clearly suited to campers and young people who want to take superb comfort with them, its light and portable and comes in at a budget price.

We hope that this list helps you to make an easy choice when it comes to selecting and buying the perfect match for your needs. We chose these 6 styles based on versatility, comfort, durability, great quality and last but not least, good value for money.

So get a Papasan or mamasan (double) for your living space and experience a whole new level of style and comfort, you won’t regret it!

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