Best Mattress for Sex – You’ll Love Making Love on These Beds


One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best mattress for sex is its responsiveness. In other words, how does it react to pressure and how quickly does it recover. As you can imagine, getting jiggy on a too-soft mattress will seem like you’re sinking into a giant marshmallow with everything feeling dampened (and softened).

On the other hand, if it’s too hard you may as well be doing the horizontal tango on the kitchen counter.

Each type of material also has its own unique composition. Comfort, Bounciness, Edge Support, Temperature Control and Quietness all play a role. These factors will make a big difference in the way your mattress feels during sex and will ultimately play a huge role in your enjoyment of making love. (Not to mention how your partner will perceive your enhanced performance.)

We’ve examined the top rated options available online and concluded that the selection below contains the very best mattresses for sex money can buy. Each one can be delivered to your door within a day or two and you’ll be able to return it for a full refund (even after a few weeks) if it doesn’t meet with your satisfaction!

Let’s dive right in and give you our results.

Best Mattress for Sex – Our Winners

ProductMaterialBest QualityOur RatingPrice
NectarMemory FoamGreat for Sleep and Sex9.8Check Price
LeesaMemory FoamVery Comfortable9.6Check Price
Tuft & NeedleMemory FoamGreat Value for Money9Check Price
Signature SleepCoil SpringLow Heat Retention7Check Price
LucidLatex HybridNatural Even Support7Check Price
SoundAsleepAir MattressSelf Inflating5Check Price

1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress for Sex

nectar-mattress-for-sexThe Nectar is in our opinion the very best bed for a sexually active couple. It is ultra comfortable to sleep on and sex on a nectar mattress is exceptional. It is very well priced and the value for money is excellent given its impeccable quality.

It leans toward to firmer end of the scale so (even though sex on memory foam can feel slightly subdued) by choosing a medium to firm mattress like the Nectar, you’ll have the perfect balance between great sex and even incredible sleep.

The meticulously designed memory foam is designed to support your body in a natural sleeping profile while keeping your shoulders, spine and hips comfortably aligned. It’s perfect for side sleepers as well as stomach and back sleepers!

The open cell foam design helps the air to ventilate and keeps the mattress cool while making love. (This is extremely important on hot summer nights as your increased body temperature can become too much for the surface and really drain you of energy during sex.)

We also love the incredibly long trial period! It allows you to be 100% certain that this is the best option for you, without risking being stuck with something you hate.

Love making in the bed will be completely transformed when your Nectar arrives in its 17 x 17 42 inch box at your door.


  • Amazing 180 night trial
  • Memory Foam
  • Good Temperature regulation
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Mid to High Price Range, But Worth It.

2. Leesa

sex-on-a-leesaThe Leesa is our second favorite sex mattress. Only because we didn’t find it quite as comfortable as the Nectar. Your personal preference might vary.

It’s another great choice for finding a good balance between sex and sleep. Made in the USA, the 3 layer foam support is exceptional and has some of the best pressure relieving properties we’ve ever seen.

Even after a long period of use, there were no indents in the mattress from sleeping on it. (Something that is quite common in memory foam after some time.)

You can also save a little bit of money here as the Leesa is slightly more affordable when buying from It has the same 100 night trial so you can rest assured, you’ll get your money back unless you absolutely love it!

Though they take care to ensure as much built in ventilation as possible (as with all memory foam mattresses) it can get a little hot to sleep on in summer. You’ll do well to grab a cool comforter or make sure your temperature doesn’t climb at night. Alternatively, you should be looking at the coil or latex options.

Another thing Leesa focusses on is a social and environmental impact. They donate 1 mattress for every 10 sold. This speaks to their dedication towards a positive social impact. They also plant one tree for every mattress sold. Read more about the Leesa vs Tuft and Needle.


  • Slightly More Affordable
  • Memory foam
  • Medium Temperature regulation
  • 100 night trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • For each 10 sold, 1 is donated


  • A Bit Pricey


3. Tuft & Needle – Value for Money

tuft-and-needleThe Tuft & Needle gives you a very close experience to the options above but at a substantially lower price point. This has made it our most popular mattress for sex on by far!

Sex on a tuft and needle mattress is also great! It has been designed with a comfortable “pushback” and “bounce” which adds to the experience.

In terms of sleeping comfort, you may notice a slight difference between the Tuft & Needle and the more expensive options above, although the difference is negligible and might not be big enough to spend the extra money.

It has a 10 inch thickness built with proprietary foam which might feel a little firm at first and then adapt to your body as it becomes softer over time. This slight “breaking in” of the foam is something you won’t find on the two higher quality mattresses above. Remember that you also have a 100 night sleep trial so you’ll have more than enough time to decide if you like it. After that, you can add a firmer mattress protector over time if needed.

Even though they’ve taken great care to keep the material ventilated, it’s not the best choice for hot sleepers.

It has firm edge support as well, for those creative night-time adventures with your partner.


  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Extremely Popular
  • Patented Foam for Comfort
  • Average Temperature Regulation
  • 100 night trial
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Softens Slightly Over Time

4. Signature Sleep Coil Mattress

signature-sleep-mattressThe real reason you’d want a coil mattress is if you’re particularly concerned with its ability to “bounce back” after each movement. (Think trampoline) It’s really springy which creates the most immediate response to moving around.

Even though it’s too bouncy for some people to sleep on, a coil mattress significantly increases recoil during sex. Instead of fighting the mattress, each up and down movement will be “amplified” as the coils compress and release in sync with your rhythm.

It’s like having an additional 20% stamina when you need it the most.

The entire mattress is 13 inches high with the coils taking up 10 inches. This leaves only a few inches for soft padding. Some people absolutely love the individualized support coils and don’t mind the thinner surface padding.

Coils are individually encased to keep the mattress completely silent while moving around. That being said, over time, a coil mattress will start making sound long before a foam mattress.

Another great benefit is cool sleeping! The padded layer allows ventilation straight through the coils to reach your body. If you’re particularly a hot sleeper, this might be the option for you.

Unfortunately, too much action on a coil mattress can cause certain coils to compress or extend more than others. This could leave you with a lumpy mattress and a terrible sleep.

There is also no sleep trial! This is a concern given that coil mattresses are declining in popularity already.


  • Best Budget Option!
  • Coil/Foam Hybrid
  • Coolest Option
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • No Sleep Trial!

5. Lucid Latex Mattress

lucid-latexLatex has a slightly “springier” response than Memory foam. This makes it bouncier but without feeling like a bouncy house.

Some people absolutely love Latex over memory foam and it’s easy to see why. The temperature regulating qualities of latex are fantastic while the support is excellent and still has the perfect ratio of pressure relief in sensitive areas. This is why some folk claim that it’s the best mattress they’ve ever owned!

The 3.5 lb density top layer is also quite firm and won’t leave you feeling “stuck in” while having sex.

The latex is developed with a mix of natural and synthetic compounds to allow for the best balance between support and comfort.

It’s extremely affordable! You simply can’t find a good memory foam option at the same price. If you are very budget conscious, you really should try the Lucid first. If it’s really not for you, simply return it within the 100 day trial.


  • Well Priced
  • Natural Latex & Synthetic Hybrid
  • Latex is Cooler than Memory Foam
  • 100 Night Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Some People May Have an Allergic Reaction to Latex

6. SoundAsleep Air Mattress

air-mattress-sexIf you’re going camping or simply looking for a temporary solution that’s easy to set up, the SoundAsleep Air mattress is great for sex. Here you really are in a bouncy house. Every tiny movement is felt throughout the entire bed and this makes for a crazy party.

Thankfully the 40 internal air coils keep the mattress rigid and stable as you enjoy sexy time with your partner.

The silent built-in pump can be left on overnight so you don’t wake up in the morning with everything completely deflated, including your passion.

If you absolutely have to use an air mattress for sex, the SoundASleep is a perfect choice.


  • Self Inflating Air Pump Keeps it Firm
  • Internal “Air” pillars Keep it Stable
  • Quite Affordable


  • Air Mattresses Aren’t All That Great for Sex

How to Choose the Best Bed for Sex

If you’re here, you have your priorities in order. A mattress needs to work well for sex. After all, that’s where it happens (most of the time). But you also need to find a good balance between a mattress for sex and one which is great for sleeping too.

There are about as many mattresses as there are sex positions, so the only way to really know would be to try one out. Thankfully most of the mattresses on the list have a sleep trial where you can simply return it if you don’t like it.

There are also some critical factors you must consider when buying. Let’s explore them…


This counts just as much for sleeping as it does for sex. After all, you’ll be spending a significantly large portion of the time sleeping.

The memory foam and the latex beds are significantly more comfortable than a coil mattress. They are better at adapting to your body shape and have excellent pressure relief in key areas like hips and shoulders.

The Nectar, Leesa and Tuft&Needle are all extremely comfortable to sleep on with the Tuft and Needle being the best value for money comparatively.


While pushing into the material, how much does it push back? That’s the feedback or responsiveness level.

Memory foam has a very low responsiveness

Recoil (Bounciness)

The higher the recoil, the more “alive” your mattress feels. With a high recoil mattress, you can literally “ride the rhythm” as each oscillation helps boost the next.

A coil spring mattress has a very high recoil with Latex in second place. Memory foam and other hybrid foams have low recoil and can take up to a few seconds to return to their original shape.

In the case of memory foam, expect things to feel a little sluggish. This can take its toll on your energy as you fight to retain movement during sex. If you do want a memory foam mattress, a slightly firmer option will reduce that dampening sensation.

Fortunately for memory foam, there are other benefits like great sleep that may outweigh the wild rendezvous where ultra bounciness is needed.

Cooling Ability

Few things turn up the heat in bed like a steamy night with your partner. Both your bodies are already running at a hot 98.6°F. Add a little friction and energy to the mix and you have a fireball. A mattress has to be able to remain cool during sex so that you don’t overheat and run out of energy before you’re done.

Latex has a lower natural heat retention than memory foam but modern memory foam mattresses incorporate special compounds as well as unique ventilated designs to combat heat. The lowest heat retention will come from a coil mattress.


If you’re into squeaky bed sex, a noisy mattress might be your thing. for most people, a super silent mattress is what you’re looking for. Firstly, stay away from coils. Even though they’re wrapped individually, there’s a strong chance you begin to hear a squeak or two after a few weeks. Latex and Memory Foam is as quiet as you can get, especially when covered in a soft lining like the top 3 choices listed above.

Note: It’s just as important to note that most of the sound usually comes from the bed base. Even though your beloved memory foam mattress is completely silent, the tiniest bit of wood rubbing together in your base can cause an annoying backbeat to your lovemaking.

Value for Money

Not all mattresses are made with the same high quality materials. In fact, some are downright awful quality and can be bought for next to nothing. This does not really serve our purpose though. Even if you’re happy at first, you’ll soon start to see sagging, loss of support and overall degradation in sleeping comfort.

Thankfully all the mattresses on this list are chosen for their superior quality. That being said, some models still cost much less than others. The Tuft & Needle is significantly cheaper than its counterparts and offers the same comfortable memory foam construction as well as the incredible 100 night sleep trial!

If you can afford the upgrade to the Nectar or the Leesa mattress, you’ll find only a small difference in quality compared to the price increase.

Different Types of Mattresses for Sex

Besides needing a sturdy bed frame for active couples, you definitely want to pay close attention to the type of mattress.

Each type of material has its own pros and cons and these are the main differences between them.

Memory Foam

The recoil or “response” action of memory foam is ultra-slow. It takes a few seconds to return to its original shape which can be a real downer for a sexually active couple wanting to make love in bed.

This dampening effect is why memory foam was designed. It allows you to sleep motionless and undisturbed with all your high pressure areas comfortable cradled while lying down.  Unfortunately for memory foam, motion is what it’s all about. You need to be able to move around without feeling like you’re being “held down” by the curves left in the memory foam from a few seconds ago. Sex on a memory foam mattress can feel a little “muted”.

The way to fix this is to buy a slightly firmer mattress. It will offer the best of both worlds: A firm responsive action when you need it and a comfortable sleeping surface when you’re done.

The Nectar and the Leesa both meet these criteria perfectly.


Latex mattresses are much bouncier than memory foam, which is fantastic for couples having sex. It will respond immediately to any pressure you apply and “bounces back” just a little bit, helping you along!

Though not as springy as a coil mattress, it offers the best balance between great sex and a night of comfortable sleep.

Natural latex is also cooler to sleep on than memory foam.

It’s essentially a natural rubber made from tree sap which means that it contains no harmful chemicals. (Even though most memory foam mattress manufacturers follow strict guidelines to ensure their products are 100% safe, they still need to add things like flame retardants and other chemicals to in its production.)

Latex is naturally much safer.


The great debate about whether coil mattresses are any good is pretty much over. They are simply not as durable and not as comfortable in the long run.

They’ll offer one hell of a bounce during sex but this is simply outweighed over time by wear on the mattress. Depending on the frequency and intensity, you’ll start to find individual springs losing firmness compared to others. Once that happens you simply can’t ignore the uneven sleeping experience.

Another thing… even though the coils are individually cased in soft material, they also tend to make a little noise after a while. Not exactly a romantic notion.

Most of the issues found with Coil mattresses during sex, only occur after a few months of use. So if you’re planning on replacing it in a year so, you and your partner may just love the uber-springy experience.


Here’s where the application of technology comes into play. Can you combine a great mattress for sex and an awesome sleeping mattress into one? Hybrid mattresses are essentially the alchemy of materials like memory foam, traditional foam, latex, coils and other components to strike the best balance.

Air Mattresses

Of course, there is no real comparison when it comes to air mattresses. They aren’t nearly as comfortable to sleep on. Every movement your partner makes will shake the whole bed and if they deflate just a small amount, you’ll feel like you’re sinking into a bouncy house that is collapsing around you.

However, if you are out in the wild or simply have no other option, the SoundAsleep Dream Series is by far the best choice. sex on an air mattress can be fun. Just be prepared to lose some air during sex as the increased pressure of two people concentrated in one area will certainly cause it to deflate just a little.

The built-in pump will help solve that problem and you’ll be stiff and ready in just a few minutes.


Here’s the final verdict in a nutshell.

What is the Best Mattress for Sex? For comfort, sex, value and a great night’s sleep, the Nectar mattress is a clear winner.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Tuft & Needle is excellent and the Latex Lucid mattress is spectacular.

Coil mattresses aren’t great for sex, but if you insist, (be it for temperature or springiness) the Signature Sleep will work.

Air mattresses are basically for camping, and sex on an air mattress can be as crazy as sex on a bouncy house.

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