Best Home Hacks List Ever – 2019


Sometimes it feels as though home organization should just go in the same category as unicorns and fairies. It is something that looks so beautiful and innocent, yet is so unattainable. Surely, it is just another mythical creature made up by folk lore of a bygone era.

Rest assured, home organized is completely possible. In fact, it is often more simple and easier than you ever thought. Sometimes, home organization is a total pain because it has seemed so elusive but has been right there in front of you all along.

More often than not, an organized home is just about putting that here rather than there or adding a hook to that door. In other cases, home organization can be about breaking habits that have formed. These habits tend to have us repeatedly stack pots and pans in an impractical way or constantly fight with the pantry space. It just doesn’t have to be like this.

Take some of these simple, DIY, and easy to manage home hacks. They will change your home and your life within seconds. Sure, you might beat yourself up for not thinking of them earlier, but rest assured these best home hacks won’t disappoint.

Magazine Holders for Cupboards

The cupboards around your kitchen are a great place to store things. But storage can get out of control within a heartbeat. Whether it is cans of beans or vegetables or plastic wrapping contains or aluminium foil, these things should be easy to store, but they just aren’t.

A great way to simplify your cupboard space is by inserting a magazine holder inside. With plastic wrap or aluminum foil, you can stand these vertically up in the magazine holder, keeping them contained and organized. For cans, they can be placed in a wider magazine holder, laying on their side, so it becomes like a roller system of easily accessible cans.

Vertical Pan Storage

Pots and pans can easily make a mess of the most simple cupboard or pantry space. They can prove to be a nightmare. When you just want that one pan for frying but you have dig deeply through a landmine of other pots and pans to get there. No one has time for this.

So, try storing pans vertically instead. You can do this using wire racks, magazine holders, or inserting wooden slits in your cupboard. It makes a big difference to the space and saves you a lot of time and hassle when you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Redo That Old Papasan

You can refurbish a Papasan pillow with the latest Boho colors and add a spectacular feature to any room. You may need to varnish the rattan too. Or you could just pick up a brand new set here.

Fold Sheets Inside Pillowcases

What a great way to save a lot of time and hassle later down the track. When you are making your bed, the last thing you want is odd matching sheets and pillowcases. This little hack takes away that possibility so easily.

After washing and drying sheets and pillowcases, don’t just shove them back into the cupboard. Rather, fold them up and place the sheets inside the pillowcases. This way, they will all be there together as a set. Oh, and even if you’re a lazy folder when it comes to sheets, you can just shove them inside the pillowcase without folding. No one will ever know!

Put Magnets on Containers for the Fridge

This is a nifty little hack to maximise space in your fridge. So often we place container after container into the fridge to preserve leftover food or fresh ingredients. They pile up and become awkward to manage in a second.

So, just buy some strong glue and sturdy magnets. Attach the magnet onto the side of the container, then you can stick it onto the side of the fridge once it is full. This can also be done on the outside of the fridge if whatever you’re storing doesn’t need to be inside. It is a useful way to stop things sliding around and getting lost at the back of the fridge.

Use Hooks for Light Appliances

Around the kitchen or the bathroom, we often have electrical appliances that just need a home. These can be things like a hair iron, a blow dryer, or a stick blender. Using a command hook, you can take away the stress of wondering where you last left an item like this.

Place a command hook on the wall, ideally right near the power outlet that you are going to need for the appliance. Then you can simply pull the appliance off the hook, plug it in, and return it to the same spot after use. It is also a handy thing to do to save cupboard space. And when you use an item like these regularly, it saves the hassle of rummaging through the cupboard to find it.

Create Double Coat Hangers Using Soda Tabs

Clothes storage can be a real nightmare and there just never seems to be enough space in the closet for everything. With this handy hack, you can double the amount of hanging space you have without having to buy an external hanging rack.

Using the little tab off your soda drink, place it through the hook of a coat hanger. Then, on the second part of the tab, hang another coat hanger. Immediately you have two coat hangers in one! This is a great idea if you want to hang a skirt or pants that matches a specific shirt, making it easier to plan your weekly outfits.

Bin Liners on Paper Towel Holders

There is nothing worse than a loose roll of bin liners that unravels on its own accord. Suddenly, you’ve got a mess in the drawer of bin liners taking over. It can be frustrating and difficult to find the end once they come loose.

So, why not put the bin liner roll on a paper towel holder. Now, you can just pull out the bin liners to the tearing line. If you pull too far, it is easy to roll it back up in a controlled manner. You can even store the paper towel holder with the bin liners right beside the bin, so you don’t have to waste time when changing the bin.

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