Best Twin Mattress for Daybed 2019


When picking the best mattress for a Daybed, there are a few very important things you have consider like the size, height and type of mattress depending on how or where it will be used.

You might need a twin (75″ x 39″) or narrow twin (75″ x 30″) depending on your daybed’s dimensions. You’ll also need to give some forethought to the mattress height if your daybed has a pop up trundle that fits underneath…

These and many other questions are answered in the Buyer’s Guide at the bottom of this article.

Luckily you can buy most mattress models in all the standard heights and sizes, you should find your desired fit quite easily. For this reason, we’ve focussed on quality and comfort as the main criteria for this review and left choosing the right size up to you.

Here are the top 5 Twin Mattresses which are absolutely ideal for Daybeds.

Top Rated Twin Daybed Mattresses

Signature Sleep Memoir75 x 39 Inches8 InchesMemory FoamCheck Price
Zinus Ultima Comfort75 x 39 inches8 InchesMemory FoamCheck Price
LUCID Gel Foam75 x 39 inches10 InchesMemory FoamCheck Price
Modway Aveline75 x 39 inches8 InchesMemory FoamCheck Price
Zinus "Narrow-Twin"75 x 30 inches6 InchesMemory FoamCheck Price

1. Signature Sleep Memoir

daybed-mattressHere’s our winner! With 8 inches of dual layer memory foam, we absolutely love it.

The 6 inches of high-density foam creates a firm support for the 2 inches of “memoir” foam which helps smooth out the sleeping surface. It gives a good functional balance as it’s not too soft to sit on, and at the same time, not too hard to sleep on.

It truly feels like a really expensive mattress but it isn’t! The value for money is incredible and the high quality, breathable encasing is a very nice bonus.

If you’re in any doubt, get this option.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Pressure Relief Upper Layer
  • Balanced Support for Sitting & Sleeping
  • Good Value


  • Slightly More Suited to Sleeping than Sitting
  • In Rare Cases, Full Expansion Takes a Little Longer Expected

2. Zinus Ultima Comfort

zinus-8-inchThe 8 Inch Zinus has 3 separate layers of foam. The base layer is 4 inches thick in total, with 2 inches of pressure relieving foam and another 2 inches of memory foam. It’s is definitely more suited to sleeping but will provide a comfortable sitting surface if not used too often.

One little quirk is that the memory foam tends to soften slightly in warmer temperatures, so don’t expect a firm “sitting” mattress if you use your daybed in hotter parts of the country. This isn’t really an issue if you prefer the softer feel or if you’re using it more as a sleeper than a couch.

It’s a great choice if you’re more concerned with sleeping well and love the idea of gentle, even support throughout your body.


  • Excellent Sleeper
  • Triple Layer for Super Comfort


  • Might Be a Bit Soft for Sitting a Lot
  • Great Value for Money

3. LUCID Gel Foam

lucid-memory-foamLucid is known for its high quality, durable sleep products that last. It inflates very quickly compared to other brands and the 10 inches of comfort is heaven to sleep on.

But the main feature of this incredible mattress is its cooling technology. From the ventilated material cover to the gel beads designed to disperse heat, this is the perfect choice for hot sleepers.

When used as a couch, the thickness (10 inches) can be a little tricky to get out of. Whether or not this is a real problem depends entirely on your preference…

If you want a simple couch mattress with less “hollowing” around where you sit, you should opt for one of the 8 inch options. However, if you want to prioritize comfort and give your guests the “best sleep they’ve had on years”, this is a spectacularly good choice.


  • Considerably Quicker Expansion
  • Excellent Cooling Technology
  • Very Comfortable for Laying Down


  • Much More Suited to Sleeping
  • Can Be Tricky to Stand Up From When Used as a Couch

4. Modway Aveline

avelineThe Modway 8 inch is the perfect budget option if you want an affordable solution to a daybed mattress which is used more for occasionally sitting on.

It isn’t going to break any sleep records but the value for money is fantastic and its perfect for a kids room or a bench which is used less frequently.

This would also be the best option if you had a daybed with a pop up trundle since the 8 inch thickness will fit most trundles perfectly. You can even downgrade to the 6 inch model if you really want to save money.


  • Super Affordable
  • Great for Kids
  • Great for Trundle Beds


  • Medium Comfort
  • Not for Everyday Adult Use

5. Zinus 30 x 75 Small Single

small-single-narrow-mattressIn the off chance that your daybed is not a twin size, but rather the smaller 30 by 75 inch “Small-Single” or “Narrow-Twin”, you’ll want to invest in the Zinus 6 inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress.

The narrow size is usually found in RV’s or the occasional Daybed design. 6 Inches isn’t much, so don’t expect cloud-like comfort, but it’s a fantastically cheap mattress and should do its job just fine.

A great bonus is the “Green Tea” technology which is designed to get rid of bacteria and odors. Some moms swear by it!

The thinner design also makes sitting a little easier since you don’t really sink into the padding as much.


  • Bacteria Fighting Technology
  • Super Affordable
  • Fits 30 by 75 inch Daybeds


  • Focuses Slightly More on Practicality than Comfort

Daybed Mattress Buyer’s Guide

What’s the Correct Daybed Mattress Size?


Firstly, does your daybed have a “Twin” or a “Narrow Twin” frame?

A “Twin” mattress (also known as a “Single”) usually measures 39 by 75 inches and is pretty much the standard size for daybeds.

A “Narrow Twin” (also known as a “Small Single”) is narrower and measures 30 by 75 inches. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right size before ordering.

How High Should the Mattress Be?

Will you be using the Daybed more for Sleeping or for sitting?

A Thicker design is usually more comfortable to sleep on. Adults usually need at least 8 or 10 inches to be comfortable but kids can get away with less.

On the other hand, if you’re using it more as a couch, you’ll want to go for a thinner, stiffer option since a thicker mattress tends to compress around the sitting area over time. Thicker options can also be trickier to get up from since you “sink-in” quite a bit.


What Type of Mattress is the Best for a Daybed?

Should you choose memory foam, innerspring, latex or a hybrid? This comes down to personal preference but here are some important things to consider.

Forget about innerspring! The concentration of pressure when sitting will cause the springs to bear through the upper layer over time and make it very uncomfortable to sleep on.

Memory Foam alone will also compress around the butt area if you sit on it a lot. A hybrid solution with stiffer memory foam hybrid below and softer latex foam on top will offer the best balance between comfortable seating and sleeping.


Does Your Daybed have a Pop Up Trundle?

If you own a daybed with pop up trundle underneath, you may want to ensure that the two mattresses are the same height so they line up when placed side-by-side.

Bear in mind that a trundle mattress is usually limited to 8 inches since they need to fit in under the daybed frame. Consequently, this would also limit your daybed mattress to 8 inches as well.


A Standard Twin Bed for Adults is What You Need?

If you’re primarily looking for a sleeping mattress rather than a dual purpose solution, you should definitely check out our best twin mattress for adults article as well.


Here are some cool styling ideas.

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