Best Daybed for Adults 2023 Review

Daybeds are extremely versatile as dual purpose furniture that can accommodate sleepover guests as well as serve as a comfortable daily seating area.

In this article, we set out to find the best daybed for adults. We cover construction, quality, value for money, seating vs sleeping needs and everything else you should consider…

Daybed mattresses are sold separately AND you’ll need two of them since most daybeds also include a trundle bed. Thankfully, twin daybeds are always designed to fit a standard twin (75 x 39 inch) mattress. (see best mattress for daybeds)

Also remember that assembly is often required (unless you pay extra). It really isn’t complicated but should be considered if it’s not your strong suit. Here are our winners!


Top Rated Daybeds


1. DHP Manila Metal Daybed

Our all-round winner for best value and versatility.

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This day bed is our firm favorite for several reasons. Its classic, clean look makes it the perfect piece in almost any room.

Down to the last detail, the designer has ensured you have a quality product at a price that’s hard to beat. With the drawer packed away, you have an inviting sofa, and when the family invades over the holidays, it’s ready to go to work.

The rollout section is not attached to the bed frame and can easily be rolled anywhere. Two of the wheels are lockable so the bed can be secured and won’t move around when in use.

It also comes in 3 colors, white, bronze and pink. Who doesn’t love options when picking out a piece of furniture! If you are looking for a larger size, the manufacturer also makes this bed in a full size.

  • Top bed capacity: 400 lbs
  • Bottom bed capacity: 225 lbs
  • Bottom mattress limit: 6″
  • 1 year warranty

2. Zinus Suzanne Modern Daybed

Best daybed frame on a budget.

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The Zinus Suzanne is another affordable metal daybed with a sturdy design, but with a very contemporary feel. The modern metal lines with incorporated wood panels will be right at home in a modern living room or bright sunroom.

Zinus is well known for using quality wheels (coasters) which glide well when pulling out the trundle.

There is no backrest and the arm rests are low and unpadded. This means it’s not the most comfortable daybed on the list but, with it’s very modern look, will also fit in hallways, anterior rooms and even rooms that double up as home offices.

Also take note of the slates which are quite far apart. If you don’t have a great mattress, this can often cause a support and comfort issue. Due to the metal frame design, Zinus provides a 5 year warranty on manufacturing.

  • Top bed capacity: 250 lbs
  • Bottom bed capacity: 250 lbs
  • Bottom mattress limit: 6″
  • 5 year warranty

3. Novogratz Her Majesty Fabric Upholstered Daybed

Affordable upholstered daybed.

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The luxurious Novogratz “Her Majesty” is beautifully upholstered with tufted back-rest giving it that hotel-style look that will make a statement piece in any room.

The trundle fits perfectly into the frame leaving it looking incredibly neat when stowed away. There’s also a fabric cover in front of the trundle for a completely seamless look.

Even though it’s pricier than the metal daybeds, it’s priced incredibly well against the upholstered options.

As with most daybeds, (since they’re aren’t purely couches) the arm rests are quite narrow and you’ll most likely need to still add side pillows to make it perfectly comfortable. The armrests are also quite low depending on your mattress height.

Thanks to the upholstered fabric, they unfortunately provide a 1 year warranty on manufacturing.

  • Top bed capacity: 400 lbs
  • Bottom bed capacity: 250 lbs
  • Bottom mattress limit: 6″
  • 1 year warranty

4. Little Seeds Ambrosia – Most Comfortable

Elegant upholstered comfort.

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The Little Seeds Ambrosia takes comfort and luxury to the next level. It’s quite a bit pricier than the other models but we absolutely love the high padded back and sides with diamond tufted detailing.

The fabric is exceptionally high quality and feels incredible soft and comfortable to the touch. Ironically, Little Seeds is a children’s furniture brand but the quality outshines most other brands and the weight limits easily hold heavy adults.

As with similar designs, the armrests are a little low so keep this in mind when choosing a mattress height. If you’re willing to spend the extra money on style and comfort, this is a fantastic choice.

  • Top bed capacity: 400 lbs
  • Bottom bed capacity: 225 lbs
  • Bottom mattress limit: ?
  • 1 year warranty

5. DHP Sophia Victorian Style Daybed

Backless daybed with sleighed arm rests.

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The comfortably padded DHP Sophia daybed has beautiful diamond tufted arm rests that give it a Victorian, sleigh-like look.

The backless design requires you to get creative with placement and throw cushions. You may end up spending most of your time lounging sideways rather than sitting up. Because of this, it works less well when used as a couch but look absolutely stunning under a window. This could be the perfect reading lounger as the sun pours through an oversized bay window.

The trundle fits really flush into the frame for a very clean look. It’s priced on the higher end of the range, so be sure you’re ok with backless. If so, it’s a very good choice.

  • Top bed capacity: 400 lbs
  • Bottom bed capacity: 225 lbs
  • Bottom mattress limit: 6″
  • 1 year warranty

6. Little Seeds Valentina – Most Luxurious

Pinnacle of luxury and comfort.

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At the absolute top on of the luxury and comfort scale, the Little Seeds Valentina is a pricy, but excellent daybed. Though this model is not for everyone, it might just be your ideal choice for it’s beautifully padded, vertical tufts and elegant design.

The arm-rests, although narrow, sit really high, making it closer to a traditional couch than any model on our list. It is truly a statement piece and should only be considered if your daybed won’t be hidden from view. It deserves to be enjoyed.

As mentioned, Little Seeds makes really high-quality furniture which perfectly suit kids and adults alike.

  • Top bed capacity: 400 lbs
  • Bottom bed capacity: 250 lbs
  • Bottom mattress limit: 6″
  • 1 year warranty

7. Zinus Eden Twin Daybed – Best Budget

Simple, no-fuss budget option.

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The Zinus Eden Twin Daybed is a practical option with absolutely no fancy elements. It’s affordable, strong and easy to assemble and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Surprisingly, it can even accommodate an 8 inch trundle mattress which most other models can not!

Its no-fuss lines make it easy to incorporate into any setting and just as easy to assemble.

If you’re looking for a simple yet sturdy design that can be used anywhere from a bedroom to an outdoor patio, this design is for you.

  • Top bed capacity: 400 lbs
  • Bottom bed capacity: 250 lbs
  • Bottom mattress limit: 8″
  • 5 year warranty

Buyers Guide

Best Value for Money

Our number 1 selection, the DHP, as well as the two Zinus daybed frames,  are all excellent value for money. The narrow Zinus which we have rated number 2 has the added benefit of including the mattress which makes ordering your full daybed setup that much simpler.

Most Versatile Daybed

Depending on your intended use for the daybed, all offer the convenience of seating and sleeping. This leads us to rate the 3 trundle options in our review as the most versatile. They offer a whole additional sleep or storage spot which is a real winner if you have more people to accommodate over the holidays.

Highest Weight Capacity

Both the DHP twin-sized Victorian and the leather look sofa bed boast a 400 pound weight capacity so can handle most house guests. Plus, the roll-out trundles can handle an average-sized adult or children with ease.

Bed for Style

Style comes down to individual preference, but we can say with certainty that there is something here for everyone. From simple classic lines to ornate and detailed the above selection are all attractive pieces of furniture, some of which are even available in different colors.  Depending on your personal style, you will find a daybed that will fit in perfectly in your home.

Benefits of Daybeds

  1. Space Saving – Yes, this point is obvious, but can’t be overstated. You get two beds with the footprint of one. This is the number one reason anyone would select this unique style of furniture.
  2. Extra Storage – The underside area can be used for a mattress, or for extra storage of kids toys or seasonal clothing, etc.
  3. Effortless Set Up – Readily available and easy to set up an extra bed for guests.
  4. Multi-functional – A couch that’s a bed and secretly holds another bed. Mind blown!
  5. Spacious Sofa – As a couch, the seating area is much larger, giving it a roomy, luxurious feel.
  6. Perfect for Nap Time – Sunday afternoon power naps in a sunny spot, don’t get any better than this.
  7. Personal Space – If kids and pets love to be close, but you need a little extra room, roll out their own bed right at your feet.
  8. Affordable Decor – They look fantastic and you get double the furniture for half the price.

Some Clever Tips

  1. With the right accessories and styling, a daybed with a roll-away bed can be a stunning centerpiece for any room.
  2. If you like to keep the roll-away bed made-up, but find you need extra space for a duvet and pillow, add risers to the bed to give you that extra bit of moving room.
  3. If your daybed works with a roll out drawer, raising the bed/seating area marginally with risers, will avoid little fingers from being caught between the draw and the bed. By adding as little as an inch, you can avoid any accidents.
  4. If you want to hide an exposed truckle, a bed skirt or dust ruffle with split corners will neatly conceal it. For a more modern, clean look, a box frill is best.
  5. Most daybeds have slat support and do not require an additional box spring.
  6. Recommended weight capacities are determined by even weight distribution on the frame. To avoid damage to the frame or slats from excessive weight in one area (like kids jumping on the mattress), a 1/8 inch hardboard will increase the lifespan of your furniture.
  7. When buying a mattress, the top mattress should generally be the better quality of the two, as it will get more use and wear.
  8. The lower mattress is generally thinner to ensure it stows away properly below the main sleeping area.