Best Cuddler Barrel Chair Review

Barrel chairs are larger than life and make the perfect addition to any lounging or living area. They exude an atmosphere of comfort and luxury with their large and inviting stature.

Now a barrel chair is made to be big enough so that you can really lounge out and chill in it. These chairs are the perfect nest to cuddle up with your partner on movie nights or for a romantic, fireside glass of liqueur with your love. Mums will enjoy this chair with young kids; it’s the perfect cuddle spot for a late afternoon storybook session.

Their round “barrel” shaped design and formidable size will accentuate any living space and give a classic yet contemporary feel to your décor arrangement.

We reviewed four of the most awesome cuddler barrel chairs available here’s what we found…

Most Comfortable Barrel Chair



The cuddler barrel chair from Chelsea Home Furniture is definitely the nicest chair we could find when it comes to superb comfort and plush factor!

The Rayna swivel chair has been expertly made with the best materials and design elements. The back and side panels, as well as the main cushion inner, are covered with dacron. This offers supreme stability without sacrificing the soft cloud nine feeling.

The outer fabric is faux velvet, soft to the touch and obviously has an aesthetic appeal that looks stunning. It comes supplied with 3 scatter cushions.

The main base and framework are made from hardwoods and ply with a sinuous spring bed to prevent sagging. The dimensions of the Rayna swivel chair are as follows: 58L” x 38H” x 58W” and has a total weight of 105 pounds. This chair also has a base that swivels 360 degrees.

Faux Leather with Fabric Seat



The Kumasi swivel chair from Ashley furniture is a beautiful accent piece of furniture that will liven up any living space. The Kumasi has been covered in a good quality faux leather to give that vintage look and satisfy the vegan market for animal friendly leather.

The main cushion is made from a soft polyester fabric outer with an inner that has also been wrapped in a dacron type material to offer a stable, yet soft seat.

The chair can be cleaned using water and a damp cloth, while the main cushion can be spot cleaned with water and detergent. The Kumasi swivel chair has a main frame of hardwood and a spring base for lifelong stability and can swivel 360 degrees on its base platform.

The dimensions of the Kumasi are as follows: 54” L x 58” W x 39” H and has a total weight of 141 pounds, making it quite a bit heavier than the first chair on our list, not necessarily a bad thing, being heavier offers more stability.

The Kumasi swivel chair makes a real statement and is a definite accent piece for any lounge.

Swivel Barrel Chair



The Benchcraft Masoli is very similar to the last chair, having a faux leather outer covering on the mainframe.

This one screams modern contemporary and we can just see it standing in a high rise office or apartment looking out over a city skyline somewhere. The sleek lines of the faux leather chair and the stylish cushions will make a statement in any modern living or work space. The detail on the stitching proves the quality here, and one can see the effort and workmanship that has been put in to deliver this beauty.

Also having a 360 degree swivel feature, the Kumasi has the following dimensions: 54” L x 58” W x 39” H and weighs a total of 147 pounds. The refined side panels and back are slightly narrower than the previous chair, making the interior of the Masoli swivel chair roomier, just perfect for that extra person who wants to snuggle up close.

Classic Brown Swivel Cuddler



Now here’s one for the vintage seekers, the Dakota swivel barrel chair from Chelsea Home Furniture has that real African safari feel to it. You can just imagine yourself lazing in this beauty with a Gin and Tonic and watching the sun set over the savannah while elephants play at the waterhole.

The Dakota swivel chair has foam inners that are wrapped in dacron material to provide lifelong stability and form, while maintaining a soft and comfy feel. The main frame and chair are made from hardwood and ply which has been covered in excellent quality faux leather.

A 360 degree swivel action the same as the other chairs is a welcome feature for freedom and relaxation. The dimensions of the Dakota are as follows: 58L” x 38H” x 58W” and has a total weight of 125 pounds.

It comes supplied with 3 scatter cushions that match the overall look and feel of the main base. This is the most expensive barrel cuddler on our list, but the aesthetic beauty coupled with exquisite quality and standard make it well worth every cent.

Some Swivel Cuddler Ideas

Because these chairs can rotate 360 degrees, it is a great idea to position them in a space which offers the use of this feature.

For example, you could position your swivel chair on the edge of your lounge area where you have large floor to ceiling windows on one side and the lounge area on the other. This means you can enjoy the views over the landscape outside or just swing back for when you are enjoying the company of your friends in the lounge.

Because of their larger than life size and attitude, barrel cuddler chairs are ideal for couples and young loves to cuddle with each other in the warm embrace of the chair.

We really hope you find the right Barrel cuddler that suits your style, guaranteed, you won’t regret the money spent once you have experienced the comfort and relaxation that these chairs add to your life.

How Does a Cuddler Barrel Chair Swivel?