Turn Your Bedroom into an Upmarket Hotel Suite

Home is where you lay your head, and it certainly doesn’t hurt if where you lay your head is akin to the elegance and class of a luxury hotel bedroom. Chic, sophisticated, and high-quality are all adjectives that spring to mind when considering the luxury hotel aesthetic. But short of using up precious vacation days, it’s very much possible to bring this stylish aesthetic home with these simple upgrades.

1. The Importance of Theme


Firstly, it is important to note that there is a difference between a tasteful pop of color versus a room full of clashing pieces. Many upscale hotel suites follow a very clear theme, and achieving the same visually appealing look at home requires a little bit of discipline. It’s important to stay true to personal preference, but ensure that said preference is consistent throughout the entire room for a complete and wholesome result.

Whether it’s minimalistic grey tones, radiant gold accents, or vibrant greens and blues, make sure that this is an obvious and deliberate choice as you decorate to avoid a whole whirlwind of jarring colors.

2. Never Enough Pillows


One of the best and quickest ways to achieve your luxury hotel bedroom feel is by investing in pillows. Lots and lots of pillows. Buying several throw pillows of the same pattern, or of similar color schemes, they can give any room a very comfortable, laid-back atmosphere. Having an abundance of throw pillows does not necessarily equate to a large amount of clutter if you’re going for a more minimalistic luxury feel. If there is a uniform color palette, pillows can be the perfect accent for bringing the whole room together at a reasonably affordable price.

3. Bright & Light


Lighting is one of those things that people don’t realize is important until it’s not there. Ideally, a source of natural lighting should keep the room illuminated all throughout the day, and a strong source of light from lamps is needed for the evenings. Exposed lightbulbs do nothing for the luxury hotel feel, so consider stylish hanging lamps or floor lamps to light up the room. Don’t be afraid to switch out lampshades, either. Lampshades can be useful in that they discretely hide direct light sources, but can also serve as additional decoration to match the overall pattern arrangement.

4. Hotel Level Cleanliness


Proper maintenance and keeping tidy is another part of upkeeping the hotel suite vibe. Luxury hotel suites are always clean and organized, and to hit the nail right on the head, keeping your newly upgraded bedroom is an ideal way to keep that classy atmosphere for many years to come. Making the bed every day helps to keep the sheets lasting longer. Tucking things away in your foot of the bed storage keeps clutter in check. With the bright lights coming from ample lighting and the spacious illusion that your vanity mirror provides, you’ll have yourself a personal personalized luxury hotel suite to call your own. Don’t forget your main-en-suite- bathroom if you have one. Clean bathrooms is the hallmark of 5 star hotel. Even You if you have to invest in a high-end steam mop to get your main-en-suite tiles sparkling clean.

5. Invest in the Thread Count


Most luxury hotels use thread counts from anywhere between 300 and above. High-quality bedding can be a bit pricey, especially the higher thread counts. However, think of good bedding as a necessary investment. High-quality linens like Egyptian Cotton not only have a nicer feel, but they will last much longer than cheaper alternatives. Basic white linens offer a very elegant vibe, and with a few of those throw pillows as accents, you’re one step closer to turning your bedroom into your personal hotel suite.

6. Bed Frame & Headboard


A basic bed on a metal frame is all right, but a basic bed supported by a beautiful bed frame and headboard is even better. The bed in a bedroom is ultimately the centerpiece at an exhibit, so it’s important to frame what’s important. However, this doesn’t mean that the frame must be dull. It can be just as exciting to look at as the rest of the room. Consider having a wall feature serves both as a room accent as well as a headboard for a double whammy of interior design brilliance.

7. Mirror, Mirror

large mirror

Large mirrors are super useful in that they serve three purposes. Any lighting in the room will immediately be reflected, making the room appear much brighter than it is. During the day, natural lighting off of mirrors lends itself to a very comfortable atmosphere. Secondly, full size mirrors can make the room appear bigger than it is, especially when pointed towards an equally large window. This can do wonders if you happen to have a smaller bedroom. And thirdly, of course, mirrors serve their practical purpose. Get ready for the day in style!

8. Serving Station


One of the unique features that all luxury hotel bedrooms have is an in-suite minibar and coffee serving area. In a home setting, this is ultimately an optional feature, but it drives home the hotel suite aesthetic. If space is a concern, consider purchasing a serving cart, which can act both as a compact minibar, as well as a unique stand-alone feature in the bedroom. A retro, mid-century modern dresser could double up to be that funky statement furniture piece, and the ideal spot to set up a coffee station. Alternatively, cornering off a section of the room to be home to a mini-fridge and coffee maker can really be convenient for those early morning coffees or late evening nightcaps.

9. Seating & Storage


There is nothing quite like clutter that distracts from the overall design of a room. Investing in a bench for the foot of the bed that doubles as both storage and an extra seat in the room can help tuck away any unnecessary things. It never hurts to have an additional place to sit, either, and a storage bench that matches the overall color scheme of the room can provide a classy touch to the overall luxury look.

10. Fresh Flowers


Bedside accents like lamps and photo frames are great, but consider breathing some life into the room by keeping fresh flowers on your nightstand for that extra special charming atmosphere. Fresh flowers can provide an extra pop of color, as well as provide a wonderfully mild floral scent to keep the room feeling luxurious.