Bedroom Ideas for 21 Year Old Female

How you dress is a form of expression, and how you dress your bedroom, is no different. Decorating your bedroom allows your self-expression to seep into the space where you spend many hours of your day.

At 21, you are entering a brand new and exciting era of your life, and it’s time to put aside the labels and stereotypes of what parents and society dictate. Let’s check out some cool bedroom ideas for a 21 year old female.

You are no longer a little girl. The time has arrived to choose the colors and styles that the grown-up you feels at home in. Whether its classic elegance or Boho-chic, let your creative juices run free.

Select a Color Palette

Pro tip: A great place to start is with color, beginning with your walls. Do you want the room to feel open and airy with the use of soft pastels? Do you prefer cheery bursts of color that scream energy and “anything-but-boring”? Or, is something a little darker and mysterious your vibe?

White and soft pastel shades will give your room inviting beach vibes, guaranteed to keep your mood vibrant and full of life.


A burst of color can be introduced to add interest. Color can amplify your mood, so if you have a favorite color that stirs up energy or good emotions, incorporate it as your own personal signature.


Darker furnishings and wall colors instantly create a cozy warm spot you’ll dream of huddling away in. You can always add lighting to brighten it up in your waking hours.


Furniture Selection

The number one essential for any bedroom is of course a bed and mattress. But what size is best?

twin sized mattress for adults offers the most flexibility when it comes to taking advantage of space.

Start off with one twin mattress and if your relationship status changes, you can double up and simply place two mattresses side by side. It’s the best sleep you’ll ever have.

A twin mattress is great for dorm rooms and if you’re living with your parents. It can also be converted into a daybed if you plan to upgrade to a larger bed down the line.

No 21-year old’s bedroom is complete without a full-length mirror. A bedside table is a must as well as a wardrobe to store your clothes. These can all be selected according to your personal taste.


Wall Paper & Murals

If you’re going for a minimalist look but want to add a personal touch to plain walls, wallpaper, decals or murals make a bold statement and replace the need for too many fussy accessories.


Bohemian Style

The freedom of Boho inspired decor is you don’t have to follow any rules. Textures, colors and furniture can be mixed, matched and re-purposed. And the end result… a stunning collection of bright bohemian energy.


French Inspired Elegance

French flare is in the details. Elegant wallpaper on an accent wall, soft drapes with a chandelier style ceiling light and you’re pretty much done.


If you want the room to be plush and luxurious, accessorize! Pillows and throws of varying textures will add that finishing touch, transporting you to dreamy Paris… where some of us should have been born.

Loft Living

If the clean, simple lines of a modern New York apartment make your toes curl, you’ll be thrilled to know it’s an easy look to achieve. Clean white bed linen and contemporary furniture is not hard to come by.


If you don’t have old style brick walls, this can easily be remedied with some masterful application of printed brick-work wallpaper.

Décor on a Budget

Don’t panic if your budget is limited. In fact, by going minimalistic like a mattress on a floor and low side tables, you create the perfect romantic atmosphere.


Plants, along with natural lighting help make the space took light and fresh. Ceiling lights can be extended and draped low, making the minimalist styling look deliberate instead of accidental.

A Hint of Girly

Still into pink, but want to turn up the volume on the women you’re becoming? Rest assured, you are not alone and the pink does not have to go. Pink can add a soft feminine touch to a woman’s bedroom.

Avoid using pink on walls and dominant furniture pieces so it doesn’t scream “teen”.

Pink tones can effectively be introduced into accessories like cushions and throws. Flowers are a great way to introduce a burst of pink and the more mature choices compared to fluffy toys.


Enjoy creating a space that welcomes you in whenever you feel the need to rest and retreat.

Whether you are alone or sharing the space, it is your private cocoon and a haven for your most personal and intimate thoughts.

We’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite thing about your bedroom that you could absolutely not live without?