Hello! I’m Bianca Birgit

I’m a work-from-home mom who’s had to find inventive ways to balance the demands of parenthood and the modern living.

I love home decor, style and DIY living spaces that fit in with the demands of a family home. It is my firm belief that every home should be a haven for the people who live in it. However simple, there is always a way to make a home uniquely yours.

How you style your home helps to remind you of how you define yourself. If you prefer clean lines, you yourself are of a “clean-mind” mentality and if bursts of color is your thing, then bursts of color is how you define your life.


With WellWorthLiving.com I have dedicated myself to helping others find this “voice” and style their homes exactly in accordance with their personality. From furniture to living spaces and even kitchenware. I love to share what has worked for me in converting chaos into calm.

Thank you for visiting my website and let us me if there is anything I can do for you!


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