History of the Papasan Chair

The traditional papasan chair is making a comeback in modern homes since their introduction into the United Stated and Europe after World War II. But their history goes back much further than you could imagine…

They originate in Asian countries like the Philippines and Japan where they we’re used as the primary chair of the patriarch of the household. There was usually only one chair of this kind found in the home. Their origin dates back centuries as mention of their existence can even be found in pre-imperial writings and ancient paintings.

After the WWII, American soldiers returned home with the chairs and they became an exotic addition to any western lounge area.

They popularity died out until they were re-popularized after the Vietnam war, where once again, soldiers enjoyed their plush comfort and large, cosy seating space. This time, they had become a mainstream furniture item that was bought by “hippies” and upmarket homeowners alike.


They were no longer being imported from Asia but were now being manufactured state-side by entrepreneurial furniture manufacturers who spotted the growing trend.

Soon, the mid-century modern style took over and there was not longer room for the “over-the-top” hippie furniture embraced by the humble papasan chair.

Thankfully they’re back! Since the turn of the millennium, there has been a return to the somewhat boho style of home for the which the Papasan Chair and Cushion Set is perfectly suited. They are increasing in popularity once again and enjoyed by millions of people in nurseries, living rooms, reading areas and even patios.


More modern versions are now also made from steel or resin which makes them much more durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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