Heavy Duty King Bed Frame

The ultimate in sleeping space is having a king size bed to sprawl out on. They are large enough for two people to spread out comfortably without being cramped for space.

Obviously they are advantageous for taller folks and big people who just need the extra space by necessity. There is nothing worse than being cramped onto a small bed if you don’t match up to the space, restless nights just are no good for you, we all need a specific, undisturbed rest period to revitalise our minds and bodies.

We found a few awesome king size base sets that are built with purpose to hold up to the rigours of gravity and other activities.

Olee Super Strong Steel King Frame



The Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat king size bed frame is a perfect example of a sturdy and solid base that will hold up to the weight demands of a mattress and two sleepers.

The steel structure comes in two parts which are very easily assembled, after this the steel support slats are just slid into place. It literally takes about 15 minutes to assemble this bed frame. The mattress can be placed directly onto the frame without the need for a spring box; we think this is a great bonus.

The dimensions of the frame are standard for a king size at 76 x 80 inches. The height of the bed frame is also standard at 14 inches from the floor to the top surface. It has a weight of 52 pounds which is the lightest bed frame in our selection. Assembly is simple, refer to the video below if you need any pointers.

Good value for money and great quality make this one of our favorites.

Zinus with Wooden Slats



The Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform is a really stylish and good looking bed frame for a king size mattress.

The sleek clean lines and hidden joints of this nice design are perfect for trendy apartments and modern living spaces. The steel framework is very easily assembled without the need for tools and other hassles, and it comes delivered in a neat and narrow box making it a breeze to move the bed through small spaces. Often folks are concerned about how a king size bed frame will be delivered, but nowadays most of them arrive unassembled in a fairly small and manageable package.

The dimensions of the Zinus are standard at 76 X 80 inches, with a base height of 14 inches. The Zinus comes with wooden slats with nonslip tape that aid in the prevention of mattress slip. A really brilliant bed frame that comes at a reasonable price with a 5 year warranty.

Zinus Upholstered Frame with Headboard



The Zinus Deluxe bed frame is very similar to the previous one in this article but has the addition of a faux leather upholstered headboard and footboard.

The frame is also a very neat and easily assembled framework with hidden joints; and wooden support slats.

The dimensions are increased because of the additional headboard depth and the footboard. The total dimensions are 87.5 x 80.3 x 40.5 inches. The floor to base height is standard at 14 inches. The weight is a lot heavier at 102 pounds.

Take the extra inches in bed length into consideration when measuring up for your bedroom.

The bed frame comes delivered in a fairly compact box and the frame and support slat pieces are neatly packed inside the zipped compartment of the headboard. It is simple to assemble, refer to the video below if you need a hand. The Zinus Delux bed is also covered by a 5 year warranty and at a reasonable price, we think this a great buy.

Tall King Heavy Duty 18 Inch Frame



Breaking away from the standard, Olee Sleep has brought a bed for the really tall boys and girls! Tall people seem to struggle with the standard 14 inch height of most beds, getting out of bed in the mornings you sit on the edge of the bed with knees next to your ears, making standing up a mission!

Olee Sleep has increased that height from floor to surface by 4 inches making it easy now for tall people to get up after rest.

What is nice about this design are the noise reduction elements that have been added, like padded foam around the headboard supports and non-slip feet.  Standard dimensions apply here at 76 X 80 inches. It has a height of 18 inches from floor to the surface and headboard height of 43 inches. The total weight of the Olee is 96 pounds.

Advantages of King Size Beds


King size beds are built to be sturdy and strong to hold up to the weight of a huge mattress in addition to the weight of the people sleeping on it.

For heavier people it is a necessity to have a solid base set, a more lightweight design would not be stable and would cause the bed to move and be unbalanced.

A stable and solid base set also helps to prevent disturbances at night if your partner were to move around or change their sleeping position. Often on smaller beds and lighter base sets this is an issue, each and every movement is relayed through the base set and results in disturbed sleep for both people.

Another good reason for having a sturdy and solid base is for avoiding warping and loosening of joints over time during sex! May seem like a funny or embarrassing thing to mention here, but think about it for a moment… avoid the embarrassment of squeaky and creaky movie moments and rather get yourself a sturdy bed base that won’t wake the rest of the household up during those romantic interludes!

Some Forethought on King Size Bed Frames


In modern times we have become quite restricted to space with the majority of people living in smaller apartments or homes.

Take the space you have available into consideration before buying a king size bed. A great idea is to measure the space you have available with a tape measure. Now measure out the standard dimensions of the bedframe at 76 inches in length and 80 inches in width and mark that out on your floor. You should have at least 2 feet of space on either side of the bed as well as at the foot of the bed for moving around.

It won’t be great at all if you were to cram a big bed into a small space just for the luxury of having a spacious bed but no space to move around it.

All you need now is a luxury King Sized Memory Foam Mattress and Egyptian Cotton Sheets to set you up for a heavenly nights sleep. We trust you can decide fairly easily from our selection, they are all great, quality purchases that won’t let you down, literally.

Bed Assembly Videos

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